3 Benefits of Loyalty Card Programs for Small Business Owners

Benefits of Loyalty Card Programs

The retail business has never been more competitive, with eCommerce stores enticing customers with convenient shopping, and brick and mortar stores in direct competition with your storefront. You need a way to keep your customers coming back for more. One way to accomplish this goal is through a loyalty card program.

When you examine big name stores, all of them have some form of loyalty card. Sometimes it’s tied into a store credit card or full credit card, but many times it’s a card that helps the customer gain points and rewards without the credit options. The main benefit of a loyalty card is that it ties the customer into a single store. If they spend a lot of money at your store and you give them points, they aren’t going to be able to use those at a different store.

They also provide incentive for customers to spend more money at your store, especially if you have a tiered rewards system. Customers want to reach that next tier, and spend over their average purchases to get to that particular tier.

The third benefit of loyalty card programs is that it allows you to track customer buying patterns. Since the rewards card tracks the purchases, you gain a valuable source of customer data that helps you customize their rewards and promotional material.

Loyalty Card Program Software

Once you’ve decided you want a loyalty card program, you need some way to administrate it. Loyalty card management software gives you features to create cards, track card records, and perform other vital functions related to the cards.

One particularly robust piece of software intended for this purpose is ID Card Workshop. It is designed to work with a variety of ID cards, so you can also use it to create employee identification cards, if necessary. The software comes with card templates if you don’t want to design it from the ground up, as well as creation tools. It supports barcodes, magnetic stripe encoding, integration with Access, Excel, or SQL databases, and QR codes. The loyalty cards can be printed on a compatible laser or ink jet printer, so you don’t have to send off your cards to get printed if you have the equipment on-site. Once the cards are designed and printed, you can search for card member information with a few clicks to keep all of your records straight.

If you’d like a chance to try the loyalty card software before committing to it, ID Card Workshop offers a 30 day free trial.  While some of the features are limited, the trial is robust enough to give you a feel for the program.  Installation was seamless, and I was ready to use the software in under 5 minutes.  I selected one of the membership examples and got started.  This is software that even someone not technically savvy could use as I was able to click and change my company name, add business-specific graphics and insert membership terms to the cards with the click of a button.

There is also a records manager to keep track of those in the program.  If your brick and mortar store is looking to ramp up sales through a membership program, give ID Card Workshop a try.

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  1. A loyalty card program is a great way to generate repeat business. Of course, the loyalty program must resonate with your customers. The reward must be something that they actually want. It also needs to be simple to sign up for and be free of any “catch”.

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