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Behind us are the days when word of mouth was sufficient to sustain a small business. Please do not misunderstand, the confidence of one customer passing along their experience to others is valuable. Yet, in 2017 the competition has other methods that reaches their target market.

Apps have inserted themselves as a primary, or secondary, form of brand recognition. Consider eBay and Amazon, chances are good both apps are on your phone today. As consumers continue to increase their spending with companies that have a convenient app, it behooves any entrepreneur to “inventory” their application presence.

However, restrain yourself from discarding your desktop. There has been a consistent “rumbling” of the demise of the desktop and laptop. Due, for certain, to the rapid increase in mobile technology. The reality is that both of these forms of computing are, and will be, needed.

The computing power that comes with a desktop or laptop, in many scenarios, is critical for the proper execution of certain content. Additionally, when confronted with complex functions that require high levels of power and storage, the use of a tablet is not sufficient.


2017 Mobile Trends

Andrew Gazdecki, with Bizness Apps, see several mobile technology trends unfolding for apps in 2017. Here is an overview of some of the trends:

– Projections indicate that at least 50% of small businesses will consider creating a mobile app in 2017

– LBS (location based services) will continue to grow, as it did in 2016. Companies are seeing the benefits that this provides their consumers with real-time offers

– Google has been on the leading edge for some time, and with their Instant App technology no longer will it be necessary to download and install an app to use it

– Integration of augmented reality apps with utility apps will create a more engaging experience for the customer

– How many apps are projected to be downloaded in 2017? 268 million. How much revenue is expected to be generated by the downloads? $77 billion

These trends are noteworthy for every entrepreneur who currently has an app, or who is considering this marketing tool. Note that apps are not only a point of sale mechanism, they also are a representation of your brand.


I am well aware of the features and benefits of apps. What about some information on monitoring the health of the apps I am running currently?

mobile-app-developer-smlFor the small business owners who are proficient in apps, and have struggled in monitoring their performance, help is on the way. According to Stackify, ways to track application metrics all in one place are available with Retrace.

This has been the Achilles heel for many developers. Up until recently, it was necessary to track various metrics from different platforms. Retrace provides “all in one” access to crucial information.

The convenience of apps for your customer base equals an increase in market share for your company. It will benefit all involved if you take the time necessary to evaluate your marketing and sales strategy as it pertains to apps. Your competition is.

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