Top 3 Ways Criminal Defense Law Firms Can Improve SEO

Standing out in a sea of lawyers can be an extremely difficult task to pull off online. In just about any city, there’s likely dozens of lawyers who specialize in divorce, DWI, criminal defense, DUI, and so much more. So, what does one have to do to stand out above the rest in a cutthroat market where lawyers are striving to land at the top of search pages?  Well, it’s easier than one would think, with much of it relying on your business SEO practices.

Top 3 Ways Criminal Defense Law Firms Can Improve SEO

What’s SEO?

Well, SEO is short for search engine optimization. This is the process in which certain keywords are used in content and how it’s categorized when potential customers utilize their search engine to find results based on what they’re looking for. For example: If you have a plumbing service in Cleveland, to improve SEO, you’ll want to utilize words that mention plumbing and plumbing services you offer in Cleveland within the content of your site. So, when a potential customer searches for plumbing service in Cleveland, your content/site will appear in one of the searches.

These “near me” keywords are terrific examples of how one can make their site work for them even when they’re sleeping. By utilizing location tags such as your name, address, and phone number, potential customers in your area can notify you since your business is only a short distance away.

Great SEO Practices for Lawyers

There’s a handful of terrific SEO tricks that can make marketing your law firm worthwhile, so here’s some of the more important ones to bump your firm’s rank on search engines.

Have Matching Content & Intent – Sure, some good content will boost your rank, but having great content is what will convert a site visitor into a client. Although such a task might seem easy, it’s important to ask yourself if the content you’re creating matches the user intent. For example: If an individual is searching for information regarding DUI lawyers and your site shows up, are they looking for salaries, representation, or a plethora of other reasons why they could be visiting your site?

In consideration of this factor, it’s important to analyze your base and your content to make sure you’re reaching the right people. A long tail keyword is much more effective than “DUI Lawyers,” so why not make it easier for people to find your area of expertise online? Long form content (ranging in the 1,500-word mark) is especially useful when tackling such issues, since it allows one to elaborate on their keywords and give the piece a local feel for anyone visiting the content.

Fix Your Business Category on Google – It’s too often that attorneys will utilize the term “attorney” as the main category listing on Google My Business. This sounds like a great idea, but that’s only what every single lawyer is doing in your area. If dozens of lawyers are competing for the same rank and Google can only select 3 of the sites, which only makes your chances slim when it comes to being in the top ranks. So, to fix this, use a more specific term to categorize yourself in. Are you a DUI attorney? A criminal defense attorney? If so, make it your main listing and make your other legal specialties listed as secondary terms.

Get Reviews – When it comes to getting feedback on a product, the average person searches online for information via customer reviews to find an unbiased opinion of a product and/or service. So if you’re looking to pull in some new customers, posting reviews from past or current clients is an excellent way to do so – which also allows you to show off your legal expertise a bit as well. Aside from being flattering, the more reviews and stars you collect on your business profile makes your page more of an authority in the eyes of Google – and for clients you may have in the future.

So, in consideration of the information above, there’s plenty of ways your firm can climb the ranks of Google search engines with simple SEO tactics. Since you may have searched for “how to market your criminal defense law firm” to find this content, it’s safe to say that proper SEO utilization can go a long way.


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