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Business Growth 5 Ways to Make Your Business More Competitve

The great thing about cleaning companies is that anyone can start one. All it takes is a bit of know-how, a few regular customers, a stash of chemicals and equipment and a signwritten vehicle. That’s your basics covered. As such, the competition in this market is becoming more and more saturated. So how do you sweep the competition away, take your business to the next level and go from being a odd-jobs cleaner to a business owner with a thriving company? Well, that is where we are going to lend you some advice, so that you can start becoming the leading light in this hard-fought sector.


Upgrade Your Equipment

Having all the household cleaning products you could have ever hoped for is great for cleaning the residential properties of private clients, but it isn’t going to be enough if you want to take that next step. Yes, you are still going to need to all the bathroom chemicals, mops and buckets, but you are going to need to invest in more commercial equipment too, from wet floor signs to pressure washing systems. This won’t just mean you look professional, it will mean you have the equipment to take on commercial projects and take on contracted jobs at commercial businesses. As a starting point, think about high-power pressure washers and wet and dry hoovers, and build up from there. Your end-game should be a ride-on vacuum; that’s what we’re saying.


Show The World How Professional You Are

You are no longer a person with a mop; you are business person with ambition. This means getting yourself a slick new website, one that mirrors your image, that glimmers and shines. You will also want to upgrade the signwriting on your car or van. Update the name of your business too. You want to be taken seriously, and all of this needs to be taken into consideration if you want to lure in bigger contracts. Keep your vehicle clean, get a uniform with your business logo embroidered, invest in business cards and start networking, start marketing.


Commercial businesses

With the professional equipment, and a professional look, you will be ready to approach commercial companies and pitch yourself for work. These will include nursing/care homes, schools, local businesses and even the local council. All of these please require a lot of work when it comes to cleaning and there are hygiene laws that they must adhere too. This means there is work to be had, it is just a matter of proving to them that your company is the right partner. To help you secure new business opportunities like these, it may be worth seeing what qualifications you can get, what certifications are out there and whether there are any central bodies you can become a member of. All of this will help you land the bigger fish you, which will supply you with a solid foundation from which to grow. Research, research, research. There are businesses in your area that need you, it’s just a matter of showing them you can handle the job.

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