Smart Questions: Picking the Best Ecommerce Platform for Your Online Business

Most people would agree that online businesses are easier to start than conventional businesses. However, there’s still a lot to think about before you can sell anything and the platform you choose to power your website with is one of the most important. Here’s some helpful advice on picking the best ecommerce platform for your online business.


Just as online businesses vary in terms of their sizes and budgets, ecommerce platforms also come in different price ranges. Other business owners will be quick to tell you who they’re using and why they’re the best, but that doesn’t mean their choice will fit your budget. If you’re just starting out, it might be better to find a platform that charges a fixed monthly payment, rather than one that charges a percentage of each sale. If you have to provide your own hosting, iSeries cloud hosting can save you lots of money.


If there’s one area that can quickly bring down an online business, it’s security. It’s important to both you and your customers, since their payment information is what’s really at stake. Criminals are working harder than ever to thwart the latest security measures. Making sure that whichever platform you choose is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant will help you avoid many of the headaches that plague other businesses.

Looks and Functionality

In order for your online business to succeed, your storefront has to look good and function properly. If you had a physical store that was poorly disorganized and falling apart, your customers would likely develop a bad impression of both you and your operation. Look for an ecommerce platform that makes it easy to control and customize your site. Remember that in today’s world, mobile optimization is just as important, since many of your customers may be viewing the site from their smartphones.

Load Times

For years, studies have been conducted to measure the impact of slow-loading pages on a website’s sales. Results show that slow-loading pages can indeed hurt your bottom line. Amazon found that a mere 100 milliseconds of latency was enough to cost them 1 percent of their sales. Before choosing a platform, check out some of the other sites that are using it and observe how quickly their pages load. Time is money and visitors won’t waste time on your site if they can get quicker results from your competitors.


No matter how long you’ve operated an online store, you’ll eventually need help with something. Check out all available support options before deciding on a platform. The best ones offer various ways to get help. These can include phone, email, support forums, live chat and online documentation. Be sure to ask anyone else you know who’s using that platform about their own experiences when they’ve had to ask for support.

It’s up to you to decide what’s best for your online business and it can be difficult when you’re starting with a small budget. Remember, there’s no “perfect” platform and you may have to compromise on certain points. Focus on the basics like security, functionality, load times, support and cost. As your business grows, experience will tell you what works.


Ruby Spencer provides Ecommerce solutions and enjoys sharing her insights with an online audience. She is a regular writer for several different business and relevant IT websites.

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