Responsive Web Design – Essential for Today’s Websites

In today’s world mobility is the name of the game! Especially when it comes to surfing in the WWW. Thus, responsive web design has to be the fundament of every website. But what exactly is this “reactive” web design? What does it do with and for a website? Here are some basic insights, numbers and facts about responsive web design.

What is responsive web design? A perfect example …

Responsive web design (RWD) can quite easily be described in a couple of words. It basically gives a website the ability to detect the screen size and orientation of any given end device and to change the layout accordingly. Those times when a website was only designed to meet the requirements of a regular PC, are long gone. Thanks to responsive web design, navigation, formats, texts, etc. are automatically adjusted to adapt to any smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop computer. A prime example is the website of one of the most exclusive escort agencies in Europe. For this internet based company, it is essential that the website can easily be used on any mobile device and that the stunning companions in Frankfurt are presented in their best light. It is a fact that those companies which do not build their internet presence upon responsive web design, don’t stand a chance in today’s virtual world.

E-commerce and responsive web design

As mentioned before, internet based companies without responsive web design are bound to fail. As soon as a static website is opened on a smartphone, any urge to buy or book something is lost in a split second. In an online shop, the customer expects the same level of comfort and service as in an actual venue. A great and informative article on describes the problems and challenges which may arise when creating fully responsive sites.

Mobile website optimisation – aka: responsive web design

The importance of RWD today is highlighted by a great number of statistics. Nowadays, the internet is predominantly accessed “on the go” and not from home. Just to mention one of many facts: the amount of mobile device purchases between 2010 and 2016 has increased by 420 percent! PC sales on the other hand have only experienced an increase of 50 % in the same period. A really interesting article with many more statistics and facts can be found on the website “smart insights”. The article has been written some time back, but still clearly shows the importance of responsive web design for websites.

A small insight into the programming of RWD

Very roughly explained, RDW builds upon two main programming languages. First in line is HTML5, which is responsible for displaying and formatting documents on the WWW. The second key programming language is CSS3. It takes care of the way how elements – for example colour and layout – are displayed on the screen of any given end device. The future challenge for responsive web design will definitely be the tiny screen of wearables, like the Apple Watch.

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  1. Great blog! It is necessary for a particular website to be responsive nowadays because most of the people browse through mobiles. After reading this blog I came to know what factors I can use to make a suitable responsive website. Thank you for sharing such informative blog.
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  3. This post makes me understand why Responsive websites are getting acknowleged more every day.
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