Remote Control – 5 Benefits to Telecommuting

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Traditionally, to earn a crust you had to wake up at the crack of dawn, leave the comfort of your home and battle traffic jams, all before arriving at your destination tired and in a bad mood. Technology has enabled us to ditch the daily rat race and work remotely without worrying about the outside world. Indeed, telecommuting spells a new era for the modern-day office worker. However, if you’re not convinced of the benefits that your business can accrue by ditching the traditional nine-to-five office model, here are a few that might persuade you:

Your Workforce and Location Can Be Virtual

Telecommuting enables you to establish a virtual office with virtual staff. You can work from the comfort of your living room, manage your team from your computer, and still maintain your business reputation. A private home address can lack that professional touch. A virtual office rectifies this problem. You benefit from a prestigious business address, mail services, a business phone number, and a telephone answering service. Your customer base will never know that you’re working from your basement in your pajamas!

It Improves Employee Satisfaction

Employers that encourage telecommuting benefit from lower business operation costs, but there’s more than just money involved in the equation. Telecommuting can improve staff satisfaction, which can equate to a long-term and loyal staff. A healthy work/life balance has become a top priority for most employees, and telecommuting can offer that. In fact, it’s now so popular that 37 percent of employees surveyed said they would accept a reduction in pay if it meant being able to work from home.

It Reduces Employee Absences

Telecommuting can save several hours per week in commuting, offers a better work/life balance, and cuts the cost of running a vehicle. However, it’s not just employees that benefit from this structure. Satisfied employees are far less likely to take personal days, potentially saving employers thousands of dollars per year. Unscheduled absenteeism is costing US employers approximately $3,600 per year for an hourly worker, and $2,650 for a salary worker. If you manage a large team, this is a substantial saving by merely sending employees home with a computer.

It Saves Employers Money

Approximately six out of ten employers identify cost savings as a significant benefit to telecommuting. Aside from better staff retention, lower instances of absenteeism, and higher productivity, it can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure and daily operation costs. There’s no need to lease or buy a physical building, supply tea and coffee to staff, hire office cleaners, or fill cupboards with office or bathroom supplies. Your employees are taking care of this at home, and you only need to supply the technology and training to make it happen.

Upsizing or Downsizing is Easy

In a traditional work environment, expansion or reduction of a business can be a mammoth task. You need to squeeze in more desks, lease a larger building, sell off workstations, or downsize to a smaller building. The need for restructuring is becoming more common in this current economic climate, but telecommuting is making the process easier. You can quickly and efficiently hire more staff to work from their own homes or make cutbacks just as fast as well. Restructuring a workplace has never been more manageable.

The 21st century has brought with it technological advances that make it feasible to live and work in the same place. Telecommuting is a revolutionary concept, and while it does come with some drawbacks, it’s making the lives of thousands of people more convenient and productive. 

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