Why You Need PROSPEK Blue Light Computer Glasses

You know how something isn’t on your radar, but then you try it and it’s the best thing ever? That’s how I feel about these PROSPEK blue light computer glasses by Spektrum. These glasses are designed to filter out the blue light that emits from electronic devices like cell phones, tablets and computer screens. Excessive blue light exposure has been linked to sleep disruption and eye strain. Since the majority of my workday is spent in front of my phone and laptop, I was excited when Spektrum sent me a couple complimentary pairs to try, the PROSPEK-50 Artist and the PROSPEK-99 Elite.

PROSPEK-50 Artist glasses block out 50% of blue light
You’ll notice a slight yellow tint on the lenses

PROSPEK-99 Elite glasses block out 99% of blue light
You’ll see that these lenses are completely yellow

Here’s what I like about these PROSPEK blue light glasses.

  • They’re lightweight and stylish. As someone who doesn’t wear glasses regularly, I’m impressed with how light they feel. At times I get up from the computer to walk into another room and don’t realize I still have them on until I see my reflection in the mirror. They’re also quite fashionable. I wouldn’t have any problem carrying these with me to work in a library, coffee shop or client meeting. The carrying case is also sturdy, so the glasses are well protected during transport.
  • The glasses are easy to clean. Each pair comes with a soft cleaning cloth in the case. This is extremely helpful for me, as I don’t typically have lens cleaner around. The glasses don’t pick up dirt easily, but if I accidentally touch a lens, smudges come right off with the included cloth.
  • They work! After testing these glasses for a few weeks, I’ve noticed a difference in both what I see and how I feel. I didn’t realize how much blue was used in computer screens until I did a comparison with the glasses on and off. Images appear sharper when I’m wearing them. More importantly, my eyes do not get as tired when working on my computer or phone. In fact, I’m wearing my glasses now as I type up this review. 🙂

Of the two products, I prefer the PROSPEK-50 Artist, with the 50% blue light filtering. The Elite made images too yellow for my taste, but my husband loves them. He believes the PROSPEK-99 glasses work for watching TV, but he wasn’t able to use them for console video games he played via television. He couldn’t see the images on the screen as clearly as he wanted. Perhaps there’s a lot of blue in those games that gets filtered out. He did, however, enjoy using the glasses for PC games and computer work. His eyes are very dry, and he reported being able to use the computer longer without needing more eye drops.

These Spektrum PROSPEK blue light computer glasses ended up being the best work accessory I never knew I wanted but now can’t live without. Even my 11-year-old daughter wants a pair of her own.

Pick up your pair of Spektrum Prospek computer glasses today. Which ones are you going to choose: the Prospek-50 Artist glasses, the Prospek-99 Elite lenses or both? Let me know in the comments.

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