Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur in Your Life

Christmas is almost here, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get gifts for your clients, entrepreneur friends or yourself. In this holiday gift giving guide for small business owners, I’ll share a variety of last-minute gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life. Most gifts are under $100, and one is even free.

When selecting a gift, especially for fellow business owners, remember that the gift is about your client, not you. Think of something that would aid in a project they have going on or would be helpful to a charity they support. This isn’t the time to send branded promotional items. Yes, include a personalized note so the receiver knows it’s from you. No, don’t send a gift basket full of pens, calendars and notepads with your logo on them. If your budget allows, make sure to gift yourself something that will help you achieve your goals for next year, too.

What do you normally give the entrepreneurs in your life? What’s the best business gift you’ve received? Share them in the comments below.


The Gift of Learning – $11.99+

Have you been hearing someone talk about how much they want to learn a new skill for their business? Give her the gift of learning this season by purchasing a course from Udemy on their behalf. This platform has thousands of classes on everything from mastering social media marketing to creating apps to working from home to baking the perfect cake. If you’ve been thinking about creating your own courses, signing up to be an instructor is free.  For example, the image below links to a course I created on finding legitimate work from home jobs.


Love Cork Screw Trial Pack – $35

If you have a lover of wine on your list, this trial pack from Love Cork Screw is perfect. Select two wines you think your recipient will love and have it shipped right to their door.


Canva Holiday Cards – FREE to design

Rather than picking up a pack of generic cards this year, create custom Christmas cards with Canva. With Canva’s free Christmas card maker, you can design your own custom Christmas cards even if you’re not a designer. Once your card is designed, you can share it via email or social media or print it out to send by mail. This is also a great combination gift and can be packed along with other holiday items you send out.


Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries – $25+

Each ruby red strawberry from Shari’s Berries™ is individually dipped and swizzled in premium milk, dark or white chocolate, then carefully placed in a gift box ready for your client (or you) to enjoy. This is a great gift for clients with a sweet tooth.

“Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You” Journal – $10+

This journal by Robie Rogge and Dian Smith is the perfect gift to kick off your client’s New Year resolutions. Each day contains a fear-facing prompt, such as pitching an idea, changing your hair or admitting a mistake, and gives you room to write how you acted on it that day. This year-long journal is not in calendar form, so you’re free to start small and work your way to the bolder challenges.


Donate in Your Client’s Name

For your socially conscious clients, consider making a donation to their favorite charity in their name. Figuring out which organization to support is a matter of going over previous interactions. Do they love their college and always talk about their days there? Donate to their alumni association. Are they passionate about helping underprivileged children overseas? Try WorldVision. Do they want to help women and children? Look for a local women’s shelter to support. If you’re an avid Amazon Shopper, use their AmazonSmile program to have their favorite charity receive 0.5% of each of your eligible purchases.


Candle Gift Sets – $8+

I love aromatherapy and have either candles lit or the wax warmer running in my home office every day. My husband and I have so many Yankee Candle items here, you’d think we were opening our own store.  If you have clients who are scent lovers, too, these Yankee Candle gift sets would be perfect for them. Unsure of what they’d like? Here are a couple samplers that feature fall scents.


Motivational Book – The Crushing Place by Corene J. Green – $8.99 Kindle, $12.99 paperback

Author Corene J. Green uses her personal testimony to teach others how to live their lives through the fullest. If you or an entrepreneur you know is on the brink of giving up, this book may help.


PROSPEK Blue Light Computer Glasses by Spektrum – $39.95+

You know how something isn’t on your radar, but then you try it and it’s the best thing ever? That’s how I feel about these PROSPEK blue light computer glasses by Spektrum. These glasses are designed to filter out the blue light that emits from electronic devices like cell phones, tablets and computer screens. Excessive blue light exposure has been linked to sleep disruption and eye strain. Since the majority of my workday is spent in front of my phone and laptop, I was excited when Spektrum sent me a couple complimentary pairs to try, the PROSPEK-50 Artist and the PROSPEK-99 Elite. Perfect for the entrepreneur who spends most of his time in front of the computer screen. Read my full product review here.


Blue Yeti Microphone – $123

For the podcaster, course creator or video streamer in your life, the Blue Yeti microphone is a must have for professional sound quality. It features multiple modes, so you’re able to use it for recording vocals by yourself, interviewing others or even capturing sound at an event. I started to use this for my podcasts and online client consultations and immediately noticed a difference. Note that when fully extended, the microphone is large a bit heavy. Position it where you want it prior to recording, and you’ll be good to go.


Give a Gift Card – – Price depends on number of cards and value chosen

If you know you want to gift your clients but aren’t sure what they’d like, give a gift card. allows you to purchase a Visa or MasterCard debit card. You can use a photo of your own or pick one of the pre-designed holiday themes. This is perfect for a combination gift. Perhaps you can create a personalized card and slip this inside.


Create a Solid Business Foundation – $97

As you craft your plans for 2019, make sure you have a good foundation with my home study series, Get the SPARK™! If you know you have a unique gift that would benefit others, but you keep playing small, you’re passionate about your business, but your marketing efforts just aren’t working, or you feel alone and just need a plan that works, this program is for you.

For nearly a decade now, I’ve been teaching women entrepreneurs how to monetize their message so they can make more money from their expertise. That starts with having a solid foundation.

You’ll get that with Get the SPARK™! In this series, I walk you through the crucial steps needed to master your mindset, attract your ideal clients and increase your sales. Only $97 with the promo code HOLIDAY.


Think I should add something to the list? Share your comments.

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