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Hello readers!  I’ve approached this week’s Monday Marketing Moment from a different angle.  Rather than type up a general knowledge article, this week I wanted to give you something you could use now.  Today’s tip is simple: promote your business.

I will even give you a head start.  You can promote your business here on the Entrepreneur Resources: Small Business Blog for free as part of our “Small Business Spotlight.”  Each week (or more frequently depending on quantity and quality of entrants), an entrepreneur will be featured.  Each entrepreneur profile will consist of an interview (conducted by email or phone), a photo you provide and a link to your web site.  In addition to posting here, I’ll also note your feature on the Inspired Media Facebook Group’s wall and tweet about it.

Here are four benefits you might want to consider before turning down this promotion offer:

  1. The profile may pique the interest of a blog reader who is in the market for your products or services.
  2. Your story can serve as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs.
  3. It’s a guaranteed incoming link to your web site.
  4. It’s free

If you are interested, I’d love to profile your business.  Just drop me a note via this blog’s contact form, and I’ll be in touch.  All return emails will come from an email address (check your spam folders).  I look forward to hearing from you!

Please note two things: 1) I may not be able to accommodate all entries right away, and 2) I reserve the right to refuse entries, if necessary.

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