How Mobile Apps Have Revolutionised the Auto Industry

Smart phones are continuing to transform everyday aspects of peoples’ lives, with modern apps offering innovative solutions to everyday problems. Mobile phones now offer much more than just a means of communication; over time, other technologies have been integrated such as cameras and music players. However, apps are helping to grow the list of smart phone functionality. People can now use apps to help monitor and improve their health and fitness; make contactless payments without the need for a credit card; navigate by foot, car or public transport; watch films and read books.

Apps and the Auto Industry

The auto industry is taking advantage of developments within app technology. Here are five ways apps have transformed the way people approach buying, maintaining and using their vehicles.


HPI Checks

When buying a used car, getting a quality history check is vital to protect you against car fraud. Apps such as HPI Check help motorists gain peace of mind by using the latest technology to check a prospective purchase. This can help people to avoid many of the many potential pitfalls when purchasing a used car, and to drive away happily in their new wheels.


MOT and Service Reminders

Apps have been developed by many vehicle manufacturers and garages to help users to look after their vehicles. MOT, service, car tax, insurance and breakdown cover reminders help people to take care of their vehicle and keep track of payments. With so many different dates to remember, it can be very useful to have all of this information in one place!


Fuel Payment Apps

The introduction of ‘Pay at pump’ at petrol stations was quickly followed by apps which allow users to pay for their fuel at the touch of a button on their smart phone. This allows users to simply refuel and go – with no need to join a queue to pay – or even scrabble about for a credit card! This is helping petrol stations to become more efficient, and making refueling less of a chore for drivers.


Smart Car Apps

Modern cars are being built with the latest technology, making them more interactive and user-friendly. Apps allow people to access and use this technology remotely. Whilst features vary between apps, examples of useful features include the ability to remotely turn your vehicle on and off; lock and unlock the vehicle; honk the horn and flash the lights (a handy feature when you have forgotten where you parked the car!)


Breakdown Apps

Breaking down in your car is stressful. So to help minimise this and make the recovery process as efficient and painless as possible, apps have been developed by some of the leading breakdown recovery providers. They allow users to quickly report a breakdown (no lengthy wait in a queue on the phone), and help the recovery team to locate the broken down vehicle. They also offer users advice about how to stay safe when broken down.

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