Link Building Programs: Why Do You Need One?

Whether you are a young entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, you always need to stay on top of your market. And the most trending mode of gaining higher proportions of market share is digital marketing.

Having said that, there’s a lot more to digital marketing than just PPC campaigns and social media promotions. In fact, a balanced mixture of all these methods can be far more rewarding in the long run.

Out of all the practices that are being followed by top SEO professionals, link building is the one that brings in sustainable results. And at the same time, help your business generate higher revenue.

Before reading any further, it is important to discuss what link building is and how it is done:

Hyperlinks, or sometimes generally referred to as links, directing towards your website are known as backlinks. Securing these links from blogs that are relevant to your niche and holds high authority online, is known as link building. Blogger outreach, content creation, content publishing through guest posts are some of the tasks involved in link building.

The typical link building process involves identifying influencers in your niche and reaching out to them. Once a friendly relationship is established with the blogger, you may ask them to link to your website. This would require another set of tasks including keyword research, content creation, and anchoring of a page on your website before a link can be secured.

Once the piece of content containing an embedded contextual backlink for your website is published, it gets indexed by Google. Within a few days, you shall start to witness improvements in your website’s metrics.

Now that you know what backlinks are and what is link building, what’s stopping you from associating with a link building program?

Well, to help you decide better here are the most compelling reasons for you to understand why you should be investing in the best SEO reseller program for link building.

Building Links Leads to Building Business Connections

As already mentioned, link building requires primarily two tasks- blogger outreach and guest posting. Considering blogger outreach; influencers and bloggers, along with other industry people get to know you.

Though this connection is not direct, still being able to connect with the authoritative online celebs brings in good fortune. With high popularity, it becomes easier for your audience to identify you. And, of course, all you need is to grow your business, and the increased audience is a fortunate sign of growth.

Backlinks help improve online visibility because Google identifies the anchors as your keywords. The higher the connections you build, the more you generate keywords for your website. And more keywords mean better relevancy of a cluster of words.

For example, if you secure a backlink with the anchor text ‘alpha-beta’ for your website, ‘’, the crawlers study this link. Once these anchors get indexed, Google identifies them as highly relevant for your website. So, the next time a user searches for ‘alpha-beta’, you are very likely to rank better in SERPs.

Reputable Mentions Help in Brand Promotion

Back in the 1990s, when one of the co-founders of Google created PageRank, it led Google to be what it is now. The algorithm gained huge applause as it considered a backlink as a vote for your website.

Just as you wouldn’t recommend something you didn’t like to your friend, the same way backlinks act as a reference point. In other words, Google considers a backlink to be a recommendation for your content. Thus, helps your brand gain authority online.

Guest posting on high-quality blogs gets you the much-needed attention. Increasing exposure for your brand before your target audience. And the more users know about you, and your services, the stronger you grow as a brand.

For this reason, you also need to make sure that your link building program is skilled enough to handle these critical measures. Top marketers and ad agencies suggest these top 10 blogger outreach services agencies who expertise in link building programs. Having said that, a rightfully carried out link building plan makes use of keyword variations, to ensure that more and more users come to know you.

Backlinks Drive Referral Traffic & Improve Organic Search Volume

Other than earning authority for your website and recognition for your brand, backlinks help you gain referral traffic as well.

Online traffic is classified into two different categories- organic and redirected. The organic traffic is considered to be the naturally following user. In other words, the users who search for your brand, or your services. Most of the on-page and off-page SEO practices are primarily aimed at increasing organic traffic.

Coming to the redirected traffic, a.k.a. referral traffic, it is the size of users that follow unidirectional channels leading to your website. Backlinks act as these unidirectional channels referring users from other domains to your website.

If you’ve been following the article carefully, we’ve mentioned that backlinks help improve rank in SERPs. This improved SERP ranking, brings in organic traffic, which together combined with referral traffic boost your overall traffic. Which is also considered as a positive indicator helping your website gain further improved ranking.

Educating the Audience About Services & Products

A common struggle that almost every business dodge is educating their audience. Unless your audience learns about your services and products, they don’t have any substantial reason to remember your brand. With the help of reputable mentions, along with backlinks directing towards your website, you stand a better chance at educating your audience.

A relatively new strategy that has come to light in recent years, content marketing, can help with this. Content marketing is specifically using digital content, including written and non-written elements, is used to spread awareness about a product or service.

The strategy does not promote any brand specifically but helps associate brands with promoted services and products. Having said that, building links through high-quality, non-promotional content can help educate your audience.

Therefore, allowing an educated audience to make better choices. Which is, in this context, choosing your brand over your competitors’.

With the promising potential for effective marketing and business growth, link building should certainly be part of your marketing campaigns.

Author Bio: Amelia Mason, has worked with some of the most renowned brands and helped them to gain successful brand recognition. Working with Outreach Monks, as a lead content analyst, she has imbibed her learning into her work and has been helping young entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts grow their business, for about a year now.

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