LendPlus Reviews: How Happy Customers Have Helped Them Grow

Having started its journey as a small non-bank mortgage service, LendPlus, through the years has become a leading name in the mortgage industry nationwide. However, it is anything but mere chance that the company has experienced such a rapid growth during the relatively small time of its active operation. In addition to its many positives, primarily it is the value the company puts on building a committed and trusting relationship with its clients (as can be attested from numerous positive reviews and referrals from satisfied LendPlus customers) which has proved to be the deciding factor in the steady rise the company has made so far.

Get to Know LendPlus

LendPlus is a Full Service Direct Lender operating in the residential mortgage loans sector and offers a full range of home loan products and services including GSE Agency Conventional loans, FHA, VA, USDA and Jumbo loans, in addition to offering Reverse Mortgages or Home Equity Conversion Mortgage loans. The mortgage banking company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California is currently licensed to operate in seven states: California, Texas, Alabama, Maryland, New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, though it already has plans to expand in as many as 23 additional states in a short time from now. This no doubt speaks volumes about the growth potentials of the company.

Each individual member of the executive team of LendPlus has 30+ years of experience in the mortgage industry. The company has thus been able to draw heavily on the expertise and insights of these highly qualified individuals and will no doubt continue to do the same in the future.

While services offered by LendPlus are not unique in the industry, what sets them apart is their highly competitive prices and especially, the exceptional customer service provided by the company. The latter ensures smooth and hassle-free experience for its customers during all stages of their business with the company. All of LendPlus’ mortgage loans are first lien mortgage loans with single family accommodations (containing one to four family residences) used as security. You can get a good idea of the customer-friendly nature of their operations from the fact that an applicant can fully fund his mortgage loan typically within 21 days of initiating the process of loan inquiry!

Excellent Customer Reviews

The customers having experience of doing business with LendPlus always seem to stress the excellent support provided them by the LendPlus agents during the completion of the loan process as well as throughout the duration of the mortgage payments. This reflects in the 5-star rating the company enjoys across most reputable customer review and rating platforms including BBB (Better Business Bureau), Yelp, Facebook and others.

Harley H. from San Diego, CA, for example, writes on Yelp how the agent from LendPlus, in addition to helping him find the lowest rate available, guided him smoothly through the loan approval process even when his was a bit of a knotty case due to his status of being a self-employed individual ‘with complicated tax returns.’ You can read many more of such enthusiastic LendPlus reviews on Facebook, on Yelp, and also by visiting LendPlus.com.

How LendPlus Can Help You

We have already mentioned the excellent support provided by the client management and the customers support team of the company. But the company also upholds a strong risk management culture which ensures that all loan processes finalized by the company complies with all current government mandates. In addition, the ‘rates’ and the ‘calculator’ pages on their website allow all customers who apply for a loan to view and calculate the current rates offered by different entities and this greatly aids them in making an informed choice. Further, users can keep track of all LendPlus news and updates by visiting LendPlusNews.com and following them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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