Lead Into Gold: 4 Strategies for Enterprise Lead Generation

In today’s fastest-moving industries, such as mobile development and cloud services, selling your service is crucial. That might seem obvious—sales are how you generate revenue—but there’s a difference between just getting sales and really selling your product. Every business needs talented sales staff demonstrating value for potential customers.

If you already have a talented sales team, but want to boost your revenue and grow even faster, use these strategies to make sure your sales staff are adequately supported and can focus on their job: closing sales.

Outbound Marketing

At the enterprise level, the effectiveness of your outbound marketing is crucial. By and large, you’re relying on your outbound marketing to serve as your first point of contact between a prospect and your business. Make sure your marketing is well-aimed by tracking analytics like click-through rates.

It’s crucial that your marketing dollars are well spent, because unfortunately, sales talent is largely irrelevant at this stage. Your marketing has to cast a wide net to generate visitors and turn them into prospects, but it’s very possible to throw away money if it’s poorly aimed. 

What’s In It For Me?

In this era there is a growing consciousness of the value of personal information. As a result, it’s more difficult to collect visitors’ personal info at a landing page, as many visitors will be unwilling to simply give an email or other personal contact details. One strategy gaining prominence is to put something on offer in exchange for a visitor’s contact information. This is particularly effective for enterprise sales, because it establishes a relationship with a potential client right away.

Typical offerings of this type include e-books, pamphlets, and online courses, in which you’ll want to offer a mix of general information and details about your product or service. 

Lead Into Gold: 4 Strategies for Enterprise Lead Generation

Make The Most Of Your Leads

Enterprise sales in particular rely on inbound lead generation, as enterprise services tend to be niche and the people interested in your product often put their time at a premium. As a result, making the most of every inbound lead is crucial. It’s vital that every potential client expressing interest in your business is satisfied from the beginning of your relationship.

A sales engagement platform can help you get more mileage out of your leads by relieving some of the bookkeeping load on your sales staff, making sure that leads are followed up and that their unique needs are met.

Aim To Delight

A universal truth of any marketing, for any business, is that word-of-mouth and in-person referrals are always the best way to spread the word. Remember that people consider their time and reputation valuable—and someone willing to stake both on your business, based solely on the service they received from you, is a ringing endorsement.

This is why you always aim as high as possible with every customer. It’s more than just return on investment, although that is important. Thrilling a customer also includes a number of unquantifiable elements, although the basic gist is this: your customer should feel like they are your most important customer, no matter how many customers just like them you might have. 

Assuming you’ve done the work assembling a great sales team, by employing some or all of these strategies to improve your inbound lead generation, you’ll see more sales closed than ever.

Your focus should be on bringing in a steady supply of good, qualified leads; prospects who have already expressed interest in your service, have heard of the good work you’ve done, and are already positively inclined towards your company. Ensuring a steady supply of such leads is a surefire recipe for success for your sales team.

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