Internet: The New Marketing Ground

With the arrival of the Internet, the world has changed how it does business. From shopping to social networking, you name it, the “Net” has it. Right at your fingertips! So how can you also use this free of cost service to you advantage?

Net Marketing could be just the thing for you!

There are some basic types of Internet Marketing.

1. E-commerce: is a means of business where goods and services are directly sold to consumers e.g. online shopping, bill payment, etc.

2. Lead-based websites: similar to walk-in customers in a shop, it involves acquiring sales leads from the company’s website.

3. Local Internet marketing: a strategy through which a small company utilizes the Internet to find and to nurture relationships that can be used for real-world advantages. Social networking sites are a good example.

The biggest advantage of Net marketing is the broad reach it has to consumers. Itis worldwide! This means that your product or service can be viewed by people anywhere and everywhere in the world. Compared to other forms of advertising and marketing, net marketing reaches out to larger number of people. Television and radio ads can’t compare to a pop-up or banner ad online. Pamphlets and brochures get thrown away and can prove to be costly in the long run. Consumers will hang up on a telemarketer. The time it takes to make one call can be saved and instead you can send thousands of emails in that time. Overall, it just makes more sense to put your money into Internet advertising.

Another advantage is that not only is online marketing fast and easy, it’s relatively inexpensive. It is far more affordable and cost effective than other forms of marketing.But do be careful as it can be expensive in certain conditions, for example,  if you put up a banner ad or link on a popular and well known website. More often than not, though, it can be highly affordable for just about any size business. You may be able to afford a pay-per-click program with a major website. Compare prices to see what best suits your needs.

Also, it can also help you reach your target audience without much difficulty. Through email marketing, you can reach thousands of people at once. Through search engines, interested consumers can find your website and learn more about your product. You may want to only reach fashion designers for your specific clothing brand. In this case, you can really benefit from Internet advertising by having an ad on a major website for branded clothes.

As with everything else, there also are some not so good sides  of Internet marketing. There is could be a possibility that you might be participating in illegal or unethical online promotions. Hence it is extremely important that you have sufficient knowledge about the appropriate ways to obtain emails and avoid spam. Another of the disadvantages is that you or your type of business may be the kind that requires face-to-face contact for success. You may be selling a product that is best demonstrated in person. You may also have a particular consumer base that isn’t as Internet savvy such as the young kids or the elderly. Thus, marketing on the Web would be a waste of time and money. Unless you can market professionally, few consumers will take you seriously, when you market through the Internet. Just like with other ways of advertising, it is just as important that you make the right impression with consumers. Your website, emails and ads should all be presentable and professional and should not have to much irrelevant information.

Looking at both sides of the coin,  take the time to look at potential companies to work with. Some may offer tips and advice that you hadn’t thought of when it comes to reaching your target consumer. Reading some books on the subject or search the Net for more information about it. Go through websites with similar products or services as offered by you, and see how its done. Overall, weigh the disadvantages with the advantages carefully so that your investment won’t be a waste.

Shelly enjoys writing on various subjects including career moves, finance, insurance, and home improvement.

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