How to Successfully Keep Your Remote Team Accountable

Just like a traditional office setting in the physical world, holding your remote team accountable for their actions is one of the hardest and most challenging of processes. With 18% of the leading executives in the world stating that accountability is the aspect of business they fall short on the most, the chances are it’s affecting you.

Living in a COVID world, and a world where remote working will continue to be implemented across the board, it’s never been more important to promote accountability. In today’s guide, we’re going to explore how exactly you can do that in the most successful way.

How to Successfully Keep Your Remote Team Accountable

Define the Problem Introspectively

The first thing you need to do whenever a problem arises is making sure you’re taking a step back to examine the situation and to ensure you’re not at fault. If you haven’t communicated initially with your team correctly, then they may not be at fault, but you are.

You need to consider whether you’ve set up clear and concise goals and that everyone is on the same page and working to the same beat. Did you make yourself available enough so the staff could raise any issues when they originally arose?

It’s important to think about this, and it’s okay if you did something wrong. You need to be able to admit this to be a true leader or manager, rather than trying to point the finger in another’s direction.

Communication is always difficult when remote working, especially if it’s a new concept where everybody is still trying to find their feet, so be open to criticisms like this so that you can improve in the future.

Enhance How You Communicate

Okay, I know every ‘teamwork’ article under the sun mentions communication as a point to improve, but this can never be understated. Bear with me because it’s even more important when referring to remote working.

Take your video calls, for example. Do you see your product manager nodding off or being distracted while you’re talking? Sending them a quick private message is a great way, if not the remote working equivalent of ‘taking someone to the side’. I use this example because if you’re not pulling people up on the issues as soon as you notice them, they can slide and bad habits form.

This is what it means to hold someone accountable.

Don’t Assume Remote Working is Temporary

You may think that lockdowns and COVID-19 means that your remote working processes are going to temporary but having this kind of mindset means that you won’t be giving the act of remote working your full attention, or the attention that it deserves.

The chances are that many instances of remote team workers are going to stick around after the pandemic restrictions are lifted, and many businesses will need to think about implementing it into their permanent working structures. This means you need to invest time getting good at remote working, and this is the best time to do so.

By being proactive in encouraging productivity and ironing out the creases of your remote team working process, you can set up a flawless system. This includes being able to hold people accountable for their work, productivity, and their actions, and providing disciplinaries and laying down the rules as required.

Set Clear Standards

Hand in hand with the consideration above, it’s important you take the time to set realistic and easy-to-understand expectations and productivity levels that people need to be working too. Without clear and concise goals, people will start to drift, and this is where the chaos starts.

You need to be looking at things like the deadlines you’re setting and the process for notifying you and the team if a deadline is going to be missed. You need to make timings for this kind of thing extremely clear, so there’s no room for error and any issues that do arise having enough time available to be resolved before it creates an even bigger problem.

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