How to Start a Successful Social Media Campaign for Your Business?

Your business needs a lift-off as soon as you are all set to serve your niche, and ready to grow your company. It is easier said than done, however! Your business needs a robust online presence and prospect engagement. Social media is the first solution that comes to mind. With 1.9 Billion global users on multiple social platforms, this channel is a high-potential way to boost your business. In this post, we will see how you can start a successful social media campaign for your business!

How to start a successful social media campaign for your business?

A thoroughly found strategy and the right campaign approach will help you succeed in the process. Follow these steps to expose your business online through social media platforms.

1.Set Specific campaign goals

And we mean really specific! You must have a clear idea as to what you intend to achieve with your online campaign for your business. Is it about generating highly-qualified leads and prospects? Do you want more brand mentions? Or is it about increasing your followers? Write down clearly what do you want your campaign to accomplish. Next step is to formulate a strategy to accomplish these goals.

2.Build a Campaign strategy

Outlining a successful social media campaign strategy begins with auditing your current social media handles. You must assess who is currently connected to you via your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn channels. Now, compare your assessment with that of your competitor businesses. For example, Know the average number of followers they have and the engagement they reap. You also need to evaluate what kind of posts get more traction online. For example, a particular initiative focused on green technology products by a company might get more likes and shares than the regular posts. Build your strategy according to your findings and audit.

3.Select the Social Media platforms for your campaign

You can focus on a single platform or multiple platforms to expose your business online. It will entirely depend upon your campaign goals. For example, you might want to get qualified prospects through Facebook campaigns, or might be looking to boost your online presence score via Twitter feeds and Instagram for increased user engagement! Choose your platform wisely.

4.Engage with your audience online

Interacting with your prospect leads, business affiliates, and followers via Social media is an art. It requires a human-to-human engagement rather than an automated machine-like interaction. Follow these tips;

  • Pay close attention to what your online peers have to say about your brand. ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ on all the positive submissions made by them.
  • Celebrate your customers. Thank them for their reviews, reposts, hashtags, retweets, etc. Reward them by promoting them on your channel to retain them and build a loyal base.
  • Reply to your customers on time, comment on their posts and thank them publicly. A small human gesture on your business’ part will attract more loyal customers eventually.

5.Pour in the effort

Mere engagement and content posting might not be enough. You need to build traction by encouraging the people to like, share, and follow your brand online. Keep the following in mind;

  • Ask people to like and comment on your posts.
  • Encourage them to re-post and share your content, then thank them on your channel.
  • There is no replacement for ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing. Ask your online audience to recommend your business brand to their contacts in the network.

It is crucial that you make your campaign gain traction efficiently within your budget. Follow the above-mentioned strategy to run a successful social media campaign for your business!


Anthony Bergs is a digital marketing specialist and an essay writer at Writers Per Hour. He keeps an eye on the marketing sector to implement the best innovations in the strategies that he builds. He’s always open for new connections and partnerships. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

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