How to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

The rate of employee turnover is largely influenced by how employees are treated in the workplace. Meaningful acknowledgment of effort is very important if an employer wants to keep the workforce in the company. When you make your employees feel valued, they become more driven to work harder and may even surpass their formal duties.

Organizing an employee recognition scheme, however, is not as easy as one may think. It should stem from the employees’ needs and sense of recognition. Here is a general list of recognition plan ideas that can help.

Organize a Lunch-Prize Draw

Recognition does not always have to arrive from the top. The company can start a recognition on a peer-to-peer basis by asking employees to drop an entry inside a box, which contains the name of an outstanding colleague. The more entries an employee has, the higher the chance to get picked.

At the end of the week, simply pull out two names from the box, and have those employees relish a good meal in the office. This is a good way to encourage employees to develop a cordial relationship with one another.

Celebrate the Employees’ Birthdays

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday, so take this opportunity to make your employees feel valued in the company. If the staff member doesn’t mind it, throw a simple party to celebrate their special day.

Prepare a cake, and serve food that the team can enjoy. Grant the celebrator a day off that they can surely benefit from in the future. And what else do birthdays mean? Give a gift based on your employee’s interests.

Be Vocal about Your Appreciation

There is nothing quite like a boss who compliments his employees publicly. An employer can even go as far as extending his appreciation beyond the walls of the workplace. Put signage in the office, or make a social-media post that expresses how the employees are deeply valued in the company.

Take snapshots, and talk about how you genuinely appreciate all the things that employees do for the company. Emphasize how they worked so hard to get the award.

Give Trophies as Reward

In professional sports culture, grand-champion trophies are passed from the last year’s winner to the next. An employer can also create a tradition of giving trophies and noble titles to the staff members every year.

Get a company trophy that will embody the accomplishments of the employees. This will also symbolize the appreciation that the company has for its workforce. Each year, present it to the team member who has done something valuable for the company. If you’re unsure of where to find trophies for your employees, try There is a wide selection to choose from.

Include Your Employees in Decision-Making

Appreciation does not only revolve around parties and gifts. Its spirit should be ingrained in the company’s culture. One simple way to do this is to hear what the employees have to say about their experiences in the company.

From time to time, are they allowed to choose which projects they want to do? Are their ideas and opinions being heard and considered? Authentic appreciation should always be foundational.

An employer can always go around giving employees gift cards and trophies on special occasions. However, if there is no real attempt to consider employees’ voices, then these material things mean really nothing.

Include the Staff Members on the Company’s Website

Take time to ponder on the company’s website. Does it brag about the top rank staff only? Are there any other members on it? Does the website provide an opportunity for the clients to get to know the team before they actually meet them in person?

It’s true that it may not always be feasible to include everyone on the website, especially for privacy reasons. Just put a fair number of employees on the website, and let them decide what to put in their bios.

Appreciate Employees’ Efforts No Matter How Little These Seem

Employee recognition must always be observed in every company. It is a flexible and amazing tool that develops a sense of accountability and cooperation within the workplace. It goes without saying that people work better when they are being appreciated in one way or another.

Whether you’re planning to throw a big party or you just find simple ways to say thanks, what matters is you are serious about it. Take time to find ways to make your employees feel valued. Get inspired by employees’ hard work and passion.

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