Essential Tips for Managing a Medical Facility


You don’t see a lot entrepreneurial articles aimed at medical facility managers these days, do you? But the fact is that the medical industry is a commercial one. Maintaining such a facility to the best of your ability to key to ensuring the strength of your profits. Here are some essential tips for managing a medical facility!


Harness the power of technology

Technology has changed the medical landscape over the last decade. Of course, this is a pretty obvious fact when it comes to medical research and capabilities. But what I’m talking about here is the way that patients and doctors interact with each other. I’m referring to how everyday medical practices are carried out. It’s important that you start looking into the ways your facility can use this technology.

To put it briefly, the most important technologies in this area will make your services much more accessible. The use of video calls on computers and smartphones, for example, is something you may want to think about introducing. Appointments conducted over these media are called telemedicine appointments. Look into it!



Get things in writing

Appointments can be short or they can be very long. In either case, it’s likely that a lot of information has been exchanged, even with appointments that last just a few minutes. You have your own records that you can use to write things down. But what about the patient? They may find themselves unable to remember everything you talked about. They may even forget most of it by the time they’ve left your clinic! You should consider writing down some notes on your computer as you speak to them. Print out your notes and hand them over.

When you get things in writing, there are loads of benefits. There is, of course, the fact that it’s harder to forget things when you’ve got written instructions and transcripts. But it also means that a paper trail is in use in your clinic. It also means that there will be less room for error, due to reduced vagueness. As the person managing the facility, you’ll be making a lot of requests to doctors and other staff members. If you rely only on your mouth, then you may not always get what you need! Consider putting more requests in writing.


Do your patients understand what you’re telling them?

Communication between a patient and a doctor can often feel very one-sided. After all, the doctor is the one with all the knowledge! Sometimes, a doctor can get carried away when speaking to a patient. They may begin to use complex anatomical terms, which can be quite dizzying for a patient!

doctor-and-couple-viewing-an-x-rayFree Stock Photos

You need to place a premium on clear communication in your medical facility. It may sound surprising, but it’s true: most Americans don’t comprehend much beyond a 7th-grade reading level. So you need to make sure that the doctors in your clinic are using terms and phrases that would be comprehensible to a 6th-8th grader. Don’t be afraid to encourage visual prompts and diagrams to help explain things. Patients should be able to repeat to a doctor what they understand.

When it comes to communication in the medical industry, there’s one thing we cannot forget to highlight. If you’re running a medical facility, you’re undoubtedly going to deal with a lot of people for whom English is not their native tongue. Their ability to understand or speak English may very well be somewhat limited. But this shouldn’t stop you from giving them the best treatment you can offer. Find ways to enhance the clarity of your communication with each other!

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Make sure your record-keeping is impeccable

Pretty much every industry is dealing with data as a priority. Since the early 2000s, the importance of data seems to have been increasing every day. Of course, accurate data has always been extremely important to the medical industry. But something you need to remember is that we are now in what we call the Information Age. Access to information is now easier than ever – and that includes access to medical records.

Medical records now need to contain more information than ever. You need to make sure that the doctors in your facility are taking down pretty much everything. Patients find it easier to request these records, so mistakes can be found quicker and they can have a more devastating effect.

When it comes to record-keeping, however, you shouldn’t just be pouring all your efforts into medical records. You have to remember that you’re running a business – a commercial one. And, as such, you’re going to need to keep track of the information that any other commercial business needs to track. This means that your financial records also need to be impeccable. You can look into getting assistance with medical accounting if you’re struggling in any way at your facility.



Be ready to get your hands dirty

As the manager of the medical facility, it’s likely you’re going to be there more than any other employee. Doctors and nurses are going to have plenty of days where they are not available for any given reason. During really busy days, you may find yourself overwhelmed by patients even when you have a full house of staff. Unfortunately for you, that means you may have to see patients yourself!

The facility manager should really know how to do every job in the facility. That’s why most medical facility managers have degrees in healthcare, after all! You should be able to do loads of things that your doctors would usually do. You should be able to talk to patients, perform various tests, draw blood, maintain records… the list goes on.



You need to protect your data

Remember that fuss I made about data not too long ago? The world is pretty crazy about the stuff. Unfortunately, so are criminals. Medical records are worth a lot of money on the black market. You need to ensure that the security measures at your facility are as strong as possible. And that includes cybersecurity! Educate your staff about the various dangers involved when it comes to data in the medical industry. You could save yourself a lot of trouble in the long run. After all, inadequate security may result in legal action being taken against you.

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