Credit Card Processing for Mobile Businesses

Are you an entrepreneur who is always on the go?  Are you tired of lugging around a laptop or clunky terminal just so your customers can pay for your products or services via credit card?  Do you want the ability to accept payments no matter where you are?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you must consider mobile credit card processing for your small business.  With mobile credit card processing companies like Pay Anywhere, you’re able to collect credit card payments straight from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.  Apps are being developed for Blackberry owners as well, which is great news for this Blackberry user.

To start accepting payments, sign up with the mobile credit card processor of your choice, and download the company’s free app.  You will also receive a free card reader that attaches to your phone or tablet.   Several of these mobile companies also give you the ability to email receipts on the spot.  Your customer can make a purchase and have a record of it waiting in his or her inbox before leaving your vending table or the client meeting.  You will also be able to track the payments made via an online system for bookkeeping purposes.

If you are still skeptical about adding mobile payments to your mix, here are some other benefits:

–       Convenient.  Like most business owners, your phone is probably attached to your hip at all times.  If you have your phone (and the free card reader), you’re set up to take payments.  Your customers can even use your touch screen to sign and authorize the transaction.

–       Secure.  If you’re using a high quality mobile credit card processor, then the credit card data will not be stored on your phone, in the app or in the card reader.  Your customer can be assured that all payment information is safe and will not be used in a fraudulent manner.

–       You never have to miss another sale again.  Have you been in a situation where a client wanted to pay, but you didn’t have the equipment handy: the wifi on your laptop wasn’t working or you left your credit card terminal at home?  With the convenience of mobile payments, you won’t run into that issue.  This is also great for vendors who hear the, “I’d love to buy your piece, but I didn’t bring enough cash with me” excuse.  You will not only have an option for those who do not carry much cash, but you can also encourage them to purchase more since it’s going on their credit card.

Again, if you’re an entrepreneur on the move, mobile credit card processing should definitely be on your radar.

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  1.  it was realy wonderful blog..!

  2. I have a mobile business and often accept payment at my customer’s front door step! When I started looking into it I thought I would not be able to accept credit or debit cards. I came across a few articles like this one and I realized that I could. I decided to go with Axxess Payments because their options worked for my style of business and it seemed their payment terms were very good. I did my research and tried to make sure I understood what I was signing up for. Whenever I need help, I find that they answer the customer service line and walk me through… lol I’m new to all of this! I feel like my business has moved up a notch!

    • I’m glad you found a payment processor that works for your business. There’s no need to be tied to a cash register or only able to take cash or checks on the go. Your business definitely has moved up a notch. 🙂

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