8 Tips To Make Sure Your Family Reunion Is a Success

Is it your turn to plan the family reunion? It can be a daunting task, but easier if you break it down into manageable steps. Here are eight ideas to ensure your gathering is a success. 

8 Tips To Make Sure Your Family Reunion Is a Success

1. Save the Date

Plan well ahead, even the year before, when you will have your family get-together. Weekends seem to work well for those that work traditional weekday jobs. However, choosing the middle of the week may allow better rates for flights. 

2. Delegate

Even though you might be in charge, organize a committee of siblings or cousins, and ask for their help. Have regular meetings to report progress on each assignment. 

3. Select a Theme

Honoring your heritage is an ideal theme for your reunion. You can recognize the countries your parents and grandparents were born in, and choose to highlight them. If you are getting together over a holiday like July 4th or Thanksgiving, then the holiday might be your main theme. 

4. Plan for a Crowd

Have one committee who will organize the meals and snacks. Using the theme as a menu guide can keep the reunion cohesive. Assign another person to follow-up with housing details. If you chose to camp in a remote area, then you will need to provide portable restrooms and mobile shower trailers. If you are staying in hotels or condos, make sure to get a group rate. 

5. Schedule Activities

Have a variety of activities that will entertain all age groups. Craft projects for the children can keep them busy and creative. Group activities like a campfire, dance party, sports, games or talent show can be planned throughout the days you are together. 

6. Take Pictures

Have a group dropbox, where each person can upload the images they capture. Ask one or two family members to act as the main photographers. They can organize your entire family photo and smaller group shots. 

7. Ask for Contributions

Some families hold an auction that can help fund the reunion; others rely on contributions. Don’t be hesitant to set a suggested contribution per person to cover the expenses.

8. Evaluate Afterward

This may be the most important step in order for future gatherings to be successful. Having a record of costs, the number of attendees, activities and meals served will help next year’s committee to get started. List what went well and what could have been improved. 

Making memories is what a family reunion is all about. Plan well and make sure all goes smoothly. 

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