7 Creative Tips to Market Your Small Business

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Good marketing goes beyond a good logo and a solid foundation for business. It also includes creating a brand which is relatable and shows a business as being experts in their field. However, finding and implementing marketing tips to promote your small business in these ways can be difficult due to smaller budgets, decreased startup costs, or limited networking abilities.  This means that small businesses need to become more creative in their marketing techniques by finding ways of promotion that are unique as well as cost effective, and that is why we decided to write this guide featuring 7 creative tips to market your small business.

1. Unique Business Cards

Business cards are an essential part of business marketing and networking. Even in the age of today’s modern technology, a business card is still often the second representing element of your business, the first of course being you.  By choosing a unique business card, you can make yourself and your business memorable to potential clients, potential vendors, and co-industry leaders. To help your card look professional and stand out, we recommend looking into creative business card options such as silk laminated or foiled stamped. These can add one-of-a-kind design and color.

2. Host an Event

Sometimes attending marketing events isn’t enough to truly promote your business. To stand out as an expert in your field and creatively market your company, consider hosting an event. Through hosting an event, you can meet several clients and industry professionals while extending invitations to network later. This is also a great way to brand your company.

3. Content Marketing Emphasis

Another way of creatively marketing your small business is to focus content surrounding your company. This means writing blogs, guest blogging, posting articles, and even writing for industry magazines as a professional in your field. This will creatively market your products, industry education, and business while being highly cost effective. Many people look to the Internet to research knowledgeable companies, and by emphasizing content marketing, you can easily market to your specific demographic.

4. Utilize Social Media

One of the newest forms of marketing is social media. This means establishing a presence and following on sites such as Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter and use them together to promote and market your small business. The bright side of these sites and this type of creative marketing is that is allows you to have a finger on the pulse of your clients as well as is a free way to approach successful marketing and professionalism.

5. Start an Organization/ Networking Group

Similar to hosting an event, starting an industry networking group or organization sets your company apart as experts in your field. This also gives you the power to connect with others in marketing your small business on a more personal level.

6. Invest in Mobile Advertising

Taking out ads in magazines or purchasing billboard space can be expensive as well as become quickly outdated. For a long term investment that showcases your company to multiple people during a day, consider a vinyl wrap for your company vehicle. This type of mobile advertisement connects with people wherever you go and is a creative, cost effective way to market your business in the demographic areas you cater to.

7. Create a Brand Beyond a Logo

The success of a small business lies beyond just a good logo. It includes creative marketing that creates a brand. Branding is an essence of business success as it creates a persona and connects with clients on a personal level. Through effective social media marketing, starting an organization or hosting an event, and offering unique business cards as well as informational content, you can be seen as an expert in your field, and your small business will see marketing success.

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