6 Reasons Why Your Website Does Not Bring in The Desired Results and What You Can Do About It

After doing some research, you find out that you need to have a website to establish a solid online presence. You even go ahead and create it. But then realize that your site is not bringing in any results. There are several reasons why this can happen. It could be there is something you aren’t doing or something you’re doing wrong. Below are some of the most common reasons why websites don’t bring in the desired results and how you can solve the issues.

6 Reasons Why Your Website Does Not Bring in The Desired Results and What You Can Do About It

1. It Does Not Support Mobile Usage

If your website only supports desktop usage, you are missing out on mobile users who contribute to almost half of website traffic. Also, google algorithms tend to favor mobile-friendly sites. That means you have greater chances of ranking higher when your site is mobile-friendly. So, if you are not getting the results you desire, and your website is only desktop-friendly, it’s time to make it mobile-friendly. 

2. Your site Doesn’t Have Visual Branding

A website should have your branding colors and logo and also align with your brand’s style. Also, it should have consistent fonts and colors. This helps your audience to recognize your brand easily. You also need to be unique and ensure that no other site looks like yours. You can achieve this by adopting a WordPress custom theme design instead of using templates that your competitors might also be using. 

3. It’s Not Properly Optimized

If you haven’t optimized your website properly for SEO, then it cannot bring in the results you desire. You cannot rank on top of search pages out of luck; there must be some effort. To have a well-optimized site, you need to create high-value content. Other factors to come into play. These include optimizing for keyword search installing SEO plugins, among others. 

4. It Has Low-Value Content

If your site doesn’t provide high-quality content, there is a very good chance that it will not show up on search results. Search engines tend to favor sites with high-quality content that matches users’ intent. You can solve this problem by creating high-quality, engaging content that answers the users’ questions. It should also encourage them to take the next step rather than click back. 

5. The Website Is Slow

Most people don’t have the patience to wait for slow-loading websites to respond. Basically, if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, many people will conclude that it’s not worth waiting for. If you have a very slow website, visitors will definitely click back out of inconvenience. 

People tend to draw conclusions based on first impressions. And if they start experiencing problems within the first moments of trying to engage with you, they will definitely conclude that you can’t offer any value to them. 

Also, speed is used as a ranking factor by search engines. Slow websites are not very likely to rank higher. Make sure your site loads faster to encourage visitors to stay and increase your chances of ranking higher.

6. Your Headlines Are Not Compelling

If you don’t write compelling headlines, people will not be interested in clicking at them, even if you rank well on search engines. It’s crucial to create eye-catching headlines as that’s what people will see when they first set their eyes on your site. Most people decide whether to click on a site or continue scrolling based on the headline they get. 

Creating and maintaining a website is not easy. It should therefore bring the desired results. You could have the best website, but a single thing like poor quality content can derail your progress. Use the above tips as a checklist for your website and see what you need to improve. 

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