5 Ways of Showing Gratitude

The desire to be happy is among the greatest pursuits. You can achieve happiness by being grateful for what you have and appreciating those who contribute to your satisfaction. Sometimes, you can show gratitude by putting a smile on another person’s face through noble acts. 

According to Forbes, there are several scientifically-proven benefits of expressing gratitude, including enhancing your physical and psychological health. Here are five ways of showing gratitude to your clients and other people who support you in different ways:  

1. Write a Thank You Letter  

Letter writing is one of the traditional ways to say thank you because it is still effective, even in the wake of technological innovations. Writing a letter reflects the innermost level of gratitude and builds a strong relationship with the recipient. There are two methods of sending a thank you letter; you can email it or send a hard copy through the mail.  

Whichever option you choose for sending, a thank you letter is effective in expressing gratitude. There are plenty of ideas you can use when writing the letter to appeal to the recipient’s emotions.  

2. Call to Say Thank You 

A call expressing gratitude can brighten a person’s day. Use the phone call to say what you are thankful for and how it significantly impacted your life. According to Harvard Health Publishing, gratitude makes both you and the recipient happier.  

For example, companies can contact their customers to appreciate timely payments, while individuals can call to express gratitude after a crowdfunding campaign. Such positive messages can motivate people, resulting in more good deeds and profits for businesses.

5 Ways of Showing Gratitude
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3. Host a Dinner Party

Invite friends and family members to your place for a meal to express your gratitude. Try a simple dinner party at your house or the office. Use the opportunity to tell the guests that you care about them and appreciate their presence in your life.

4. Visit Your Loved Ones

Visiting loved ones is an excellent option if they are unable to come to your place. Saying thank you does not always have to be flamboyant, involve gifts, or include profound messages. A visit means putting aside tight schedules and sparing time to spend with loved ones.  

5. Buy Gifts  

Different people are a blessing in your life for the support that they offer and the sacrifices they continually make to see you winning. For example, parents and spouses play a significant role in a person’s life through nurturing and providing a support system. Clients also contribute directly to the success of a business or organization.  

When the opportunity arises, surprise them with a gift that can change their lives, such as a new kitchen upgrade or a needed item. Even small, inexpensive gifts like books, stationery, or journals can make an impact.  

Gratitude is enriching because it is a virtue, emotion, and moral sentiment that positively impacts your well-being. The tips above are some of the many ways you can express thankfulness today, whether the reason is tangible or nontangible.

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