4 Ways Tech Can Help Business Streamline in 2020

4 Ways Tech Can Help Business Streamline in 2020
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2020 has forced all industries to consider ways of streamlining operations on a budget. In order to operate successfully in testing conditions, businesses must find new innovative ways to run efficiently and maintain profit margins for what may lie ahead.

Thankfully in modern times, many useful tech advancements won’t come with a premium attached. And businesses can feel the benefits at a fraction of the cost.

If you want to save your business money, time, and effort in 2020, read on to learn more about how simple tech solutions can streamline your operations.

Use fuel cards to control travel costs

Whether you’re a top business providing cars to its employees, or a reputable delivery firm trying to manage its fleet, the monthly running costs of a vehicle are eye-watering.

After fronting initial upfront costs and settling staff into their new rides, the hidden costs begin to hit home. And none more so than fuel.

Fuel is a significant expense that fluctuates like a barometer alongside the world economy. Resulting in prices soaring up and down with wild unpredictability. So it’s not exactly a reliable cost for businesses to keep paying for off the cuff.

Secondly, trawling through receipts and claiming back tax is an arduous process envied by no one. It increases the time spent on administrative tasks and reduces productivity on more important activities.

Fortunately, modern tech has you covered. Fuel cards like a UK Fuels card are a cashless payment method geared for fuel. All the best tech is simple and a UK Fuels card will save you, time, money, and effort.

Whenever drivers pay with a fuel card the cost will be charged to one single account making it easier to keep track of expenditure. Additionally, many fuel cards will allow you to pay agreed set fees weeks ahead of time,  negating the worry of ever-fluctuating prices.

Back up your data with cloud storage

When was the last time you noticed filing space in a modern workplace? The world has gone digital and with that comes with worries about losing important documents.

Hardrives are an isolated way to store information, not a huge leap from filing by any stretch of the imagination. Employees can lose valuable time trying to locate work on a certain device. Causing both added stress and additional workplace distractions that disrupt everyone’s day.

And not to mention the risk of losing files entirely. A spilled drink or a clumsy hand can wipe hours of work from existence.

Cloud storage software like Dropbox or Google Drive is the ultimate solution to streamlining office work. It is a revolutionary tool that saves work on an external drive, accessible to everyone on the team, on any device.

Be assured that your information is tucked away more securely than lock and key. And it opens up tonnes of streamlining opportunities like less lost work, team collaborations and a simple distribution process.

Schedule social media posts with management tools

The year 2020 demands that businesses across the world become social media literate. It is the ultimate cost-effective marketing tool, that provides a global reach.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to name a few, are all fantastic options to communicate with your audience and convert potential leads into sales.

However, if you’re a social networking novice, or run a particularly large operation; keeping up with regular posts can be tricky. As well as eat into profit margins by wasting time and energy on something which should only take a matter of minutes.

Social media management tools like Hootsuite allow users to control all activity across a simple interface. Meaning you can schedule posts in advance. So no more dropping the ball and forgetting to press ‘send’. Also writing them out in advance gives you time to ponder your copy and iron out any kinks.

Host video calls to connect your workforce

2020 has given us a lot on unexpected twists and turns, but none more so than COVID-19. As a consequence to lockdown measures, people have popularized digital communication like never before.

But video calls aren’t just for pub quizzes and a natter. They are first and foremost business tools that keep companies active when removed from a shared office.

Video calling software like the ever-popular Zoom has proven to be an effective way to maintain effective communication during unpredictable and unprecedented time apart.

But embracing the method cf communication beyond lockdown may prove just as fruitful.

Imagine a world where workplaces are totally online and there’s no need for a physical office. Sound very sci-fi right? Well, it’s a genuine possibility, given many businesses online businesses are thriving without a physical presence. And jumping between meeting comes are a click of a button.

Zoom and other feasible options make it possible for everyone to stay connected wherever they may be. And yes it’s nice to have a physical space as an option, but imagine the savings businesses would make just by cutting down a couple of office days per week.

Recommended reading: Head in the Cloud – 5 Ways That Cloud Technology is Making Business BetterNow more than ever, technology is the solution to your business woes. From cloud storage to social media management, the necessity of tech is driving even the most stubborn of companies into the modern world.

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