3 Great Activities to Help Remote Teams Bond

3 Great Activities to Help Remote Teams Bond
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However, hackneyed a phrase it may be, teamwork does make the dream work. But it can be difficult to make this a reality when you’re working remotely.

This means it’s super important that you put real effort into holding team bonding activities, so you can find some that everyone enjoys and gets something out of.

This article gives you three great ideas. All you need to do is read through them, find out which ones your remote teams like best, then get started.

Have some fun by playing a live poker game

Few games have the depth and breadth of appeal of poker.

It’s enjoyed by all sorts of people all across the world and with good reason — it’s a sociable, interactive, and a lot of fun, ideal qualities for a remote team bonding activity.

You might have reservations about poker being too complicated for people to learn. Have no fears. You can learn the basics of Texas hold’em in a matter of minutes, giving you the knowhow to play the most popular variant of poker.

There are a couple of ways that you can play a live poker game remotely.

Firstly, you can pick from one of the best live casinos. Once you’ve found your casino, you and your team then just have to sit at a table and test your skills against a live dealer.

Or you could simply create a home game on a poker cardroom, such as PokerStars — simple.

Build a website together to support a cause you care about

Building a website might sound like a horrible way to get remote teams to bond — more work to connect with my colleagues? No thank you.

But hear me out. Creating a new site is a pastime that allows you to learn new skills and have some fun while you’re doing it.

There are many great guides out there to help you build a website, so I’ll leave that to you.

What I will offer is that you need to pick an idea that you and your remote team all care about. A perfect example is to promote a charity, one you collectively believe in.

It’s important to let people try out new things. For example, it might be that the IT team wants to try its hand at writing content. Or the content team may wish to develop their website building skills. Variety is what keeps this activity fresh, and such a rewarding way to bond.

Combine fun & learning with a regular pub quiz

There can’t be many remote activities that have experienced such a rise in popularity as that seen by pub quizzes since lockdown was introduced. And it’s not by accident.

Pub quizzes are sociable, competitive, and can be used to provoke conversation — all great qualities for a team-building exercise for your remote workers.

An ideal way to get the most out of pub quizzes is to circulate the hosting, so everyone gets a chance to be the quiz master.

Not only does this make it easier for people to feel like they’re a part of the activity, but it also keeps the questions fresh by mixing up the format.

Zoom is the platform of choice for many online pub quizzes and there’s plenty of great advice available to help you host a Zoom pub quiz.

Once you’re happy you know what you’re doing, take the lead, and be the quizmaster for the first one. That way you can ease everyone else into the activity by showing them what they need to do to host their own quiz.

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Playing a live poker game, building a website, and holding a regular pub quiz are three great bonding activities for remote teams.

They require various levels of investment (both time and money) so it’s a good idea to put it to a vote before you decide which one(s) you’re going to use.

So, create a poll, put it to your team and start to bring your remote workers closer together.

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