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Why Your Business Needs To Be Part Of The Community

Companies that give back to their communities, either by having their employees volunteer or by giving money, find that it helps their bottom lines in many ways. They see a rise in the number of loyal customers and employees who are happier and more interested in their jobs. Being intentional about making a positive difference in the community you serve can be good for your business. Read on to find more reasons why it’s such a good idea. 

You’ll Learn More 

First, keep in mind that you don’t know everything. Having a community is great because it gives you a chance to learn more and grow as a person. In business, it’s easy to get so close to a project that it’s hard to step back and see what you might be missing. It’s important to remember that everyone in your community has their own knowledge and experiences that can be very helpful to you. Your community members can look at your project with fresh eyes and give you ideas that will make it even better.

It Shows You Care

Actions always speak louder than words. You can always say you care about your neighborhood, but you also have to follow through on what you say.

When you help out, you can find out what problems your community is having, and this is why entrepreneur Paul Ognibene has always looked out for. Maybe the schools are having trouble, or the transportation system isn’t as good as it could be because of the recent economic issues. When you know about the problems in your community, you can decide where and how to help. Even if there aren’t problems, being involved in the community lets you know about the good things going on in town. You might be able to use these things as the basis of a new campaign, for example. 

Increase The Local Economy 

Most local businesses tend to help each other out. A restaurant in the area might need a cleaning service, a lawyer, or an accountant to help with bills and payroll. Many times, a local business will purposely buy from other local businesses to help the local economy grow. Supporting the sales of their friends and neighbors strengthens community ties and keeps money in the community instead of going to corporate shareholders.

You’ll Increase Brand Awareness 

Community involvement should be at the top of your list of things to do for your business because it gives your company a face and brings it out into the open where customers can see it. It lets people know about your business, lets them get to know your brand, product, or store better, and helps you show that your business is reliable, trustworthy, and generous.

Get Ahead Of The Competition 

Customers like to do business with people they know and trust, so getting involved in the community can make your business a better choice than bigger, less personal competitors. By helping to build up your community, you set yourself apart from other businesses because you make the community a part of who you are. Customers look at how much a business is involved in the community when deciding what to buy and where to buy it. If you are a well-known member of the community, you show that you can be trusted.

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