Why You Should Still Use Print Marketing for Your Business

Every article will tell you that these days, you don’t need to rely on print advertising because everything is going digital. Well, while they may not be completely wrong, we do still need to look at print marketing and how it can help. Digital marketing techniques are still relevant, they might help you to succeed, but print marketing is going to help you to do even more than that. Did you know that people open 80% of direct mail print ads? 

It may be presumed to be old school and fairly ineffective, but print marketing still holds the power to sell your business to consumers. You would pay for booklet printing if you knew you were going to be going to an exhibition because then you could hand out your booklets to people. This is print marketing in the action, and you should be embracing it for your business. Still on the fence? Here are some of the reasons you should go right ahead and make sure that print marketing is something that you are investing in.

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  • Print marketing offers a sensory experience to your customers. We are sensory beings. When you last held an exhibition or an event, did you hand out swag bags to people full of goodies? You would have printed booklets to go in those swag bags to make sure that people could have all of the information about your business. If you did this, then the chances are high that people will be responding to your intriguing brochures and printed pamphlets. They would also be responding to the chocolate or the gift that you put in that bag. People like tangible information, and it works very effectively to entrench your message. It’s for the same reason that people buy actual books and don’t just rely on their Kindles.
  • Printed booklets help to build trust. Whether it’s pamphlets, booklets or a simple leaflet, print marketing is still relevant because all of these items could help you to build trust with your customers. People will read printed advertisements because they are considered to be more authentic and reliable. You also have to consider your audience. If you are targeting the older generation, they often prefer to have a paper booklet rather than go online. This is sometimes borne out of an inability to go online, but that’s not the point. Knowing your audience will really help you here.
  • Print marketing lasts longer. If you don’t use your social media or your Twitter newsfeed for a while, you will notice that it’s completely changed. In fact, your newsfeed can change with every single page refresh that you do. That’s not the case with print marketing. A leaflet is still a leaflet. A booklet is still a booklet. And you can come back to the same information over and over again and know that the information will still be there just as it was. Of course, you will need to print more as your information and trends update, but that’s never a bad thing because then you are updating your customers.
  • It’s more cost effective than you think. Digital ads are brilliant, but with digital advertising you have to pay on a long term basis and that payment comes out similarly to a monthly payment that’s automatic. With print marketing, it can be more cost effective and friendly to your budget because of the flexibility of the service. For example, when you print off a bunch of booklets, you will then not print off another one until you’re ready. You can determine what you print and when you print it and how much of what you need is printed.

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  • Printed marketing materials are accessible to everyone. Older generations as we mentioned prefer print marketing to digital advertising. It’s safe to say that not everybody is on the Internet, and it’s OK if they’re not. Social media advertising isn’t for everyone, and even those who prefer social media still like the idea of printed marketing materials. If you are looking to become a business that is more accessible to all, then print marketing should be on your docket.
  • There’s less competition. Most businesses are relying on digital marketing in an effort to be more sustainable, to be more relevant, to drive more traffic. Print marketing does still have a place. In a world that is laden with technology, hitting your customers with a different angle is necessary. If you want to beat your competition, then indulging in print marketing options is going to help you to do just that. It’s OK that you don’t have it all figured out when it comes to print marketing, but taking the first step with some leaflets is really going to help.
  • Printed materials can often be easier to read. It’s being able to hold something in your hand and read it that makes the difference. If you want your message read, then print marketing is a good idea. Paper is still preferred to digital screens. It’s why libraries and bookshops are still relevant and popular even with the birth of the kindle. In magazine advertisements and direct mail, information is sent to the target audience directly. If your information looks confusing or is difficult to understand, you will lose your customers.
  • You can stand out. Information is everywhere. It’s forced upon us on our social media pages, it’s available in ticker tape on the TV. Everywhere you look there is information and you have the whole wealth of the world’s information in the palm of your hand if you own a smartphone. Print marketing gives you the chance to reach those blind spots that are untapped by the other marketing strategies out there. It can be more engaging as consumers have to interact physically with information. Depending on your placement, your print marketing can be designed to reach a specific group of people. And you can ensure that it gets into the right hands and therefore support your business better.
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