Why the SmartDesk 2 Should be Your Next Home Office Investment

Why the SmartDesk 2 Should be Your Next Home Office Investment
* Quiet when switching
* Easy to program
* Sturdy
* Affordable
* Putting the desk together is a two-person job
* Cord-keeping isn’t as easy as it looks

My rating: 9/10

If you’re anything like me, most of your workday is spent sitting at a desk in front of your computer. Unfortunately, that’s not the healthiest way to work. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for prolonged periods of time puts you at increased risk for “high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist [and increases] the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer.” But if you have an office job, what can you do?

Enter the Autonomous Smartdesk 2. This fully adjustable standing desk goes from sitting to standing with the push of a button. After using it for a month now, I am thoroughly impressed.

What I Love about the SmartDesk 2

There are a variety of colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your office’s color scheme. In my home office before, I had a small, tan L-shaped desk. This time, I chose a black top with black legs for a more classic look.

Desktop Examples

I was used to a small desk before, so the SmartDesk 2 has more than enough workspace for me. The Classic model, which I got, is 53″L x 29″W, but if you need a larger space, the XL top measures 70.5″L x 30″W. The desk also has a good non-business use. It’s been useful for helping my kids with homework. If someone has a quick question, there’s enough room for both of our laptops. That way, I don’t have to stop working or readjust my workspace to accommodate them as I had to do before.

This desk can be used comfortably by people of just about all heights. I’m a little under 5’5”, but the desk easily adjusts so someone over 6’ could use it comfortably. It starts at standard desk height of 29.5″ and raises all the way up to 48″. Even at its lowest setting, the desk is high enough to place things underneath it, like a file cabinet or stool to prop up your feet for the times you need to sit.

Adjust the SmartDesk 2 with the touch of a button

It was also easy to program. It reminded me of programming my favorite radio stations in the car. I just adjusted the desk to the height I wanted, pushed the M button and then pressed the corresponding number for a few seconds. I currently have three settings: one for sitting, one for standing to type at my laptop and one for standing and writing on paper. It super quiet when changing positions, which is helpful if I need to switch positions while on a call. And the desk reacts instantly to a brief button push.

I also found that the adjustable height of the desk makes for better meetings. The wall behind where I sit at my desk has a window, which isn’t always conducive to video chats. Sometimes the light is too bright or at a weird angle, so other people in the meeting can’t see me clearly. Because the desk has so much space and is adjustable, I just move it to the standing position and then move my laptop to the shorter side. This way, the blank wall is behind me. Now I don’t have to worry about adjusting the blinds during each meeting. I just pop on the screen and get started.

What I Didn’t Love

There wasn’t much I didn’t love about the SmartDesk 2. However, this is a DIY standing desk, and putting it together is a two-person job. You may be able to manage it yourself, but the Classic desktop ships at 47 lbs and the XL top weighs in at 62 lbs. There was just cardboard and Styrofoam in the shipping box, so most of that weight is the desktop. The legs were also heavy but manageable. Luckily, my teenage daughter was happy to help. Note that there are many screws. It’s a lot to screw in by yourself if you don’t have a power screwdriver (we didn’t).

The desk came with a build out manual that was mostly intuitive. However, the manual wasn’t clear on how to place the frame over the legs of the desk. After a couple failed attempts, I remembered the video installation guide. The video clearly illustrated what we were doing wrong (trying to put the legs into the frame rather than place the frame over the legs). This was a simple fix, and the manual covered the rest of the build out with no issues.

I also had issues with cord keeping. I was given stickies with ties to place at different points along the cords. Then I could stick them to the bottom of the desk. Maybe it’s my cord placement, but a couple of the cords didn’t stick to the bottom of the desk after only a couple weeks of use. While I was given extra cord keeper stickies to use, they didn’t help. I resorted to taping my cords under the desk, and they’ve been fine ever since. It was an easy fix.

My standing desk right after putting it together


I was looking for more ergonomic office equipment, and this desk was just what I was looking for, a 9/10 as I stated above. As a blogger and marketing consultant, I spend A LOT of time at my desk posting articles, designing websites and creating plans for clients. On days with a heavy project load, I’d be sitting for hours with few breaks in between. The desk was so low that if I did stand up to work, I’d have to lean over to type on my laptop or write something down. It was not comfortable. With this desk, I can sit, stand or even dance while I work with ease. It’s sturdy enough to hold all my equipment, adjustable to whatever height I need and won’t break your budget. For small business owners on a budget, this is the best affordable standing desk.

I feel like a boss when using this desk. This desk is beautiful, sturdy and even energizes me a bit to get to work. If you’re looking for an affordable adjustable standing desk for your home office, then purchase the Autonomous SmartDesk 2. Use code ENTRESOURCES at checkout for 10% off.

Me happy with my Autonomous SmartDesk 2
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