Why Tech Leadership Degree Programs Are Heating Up

why-tech-leadership-degree-programs-are-heating-up-teaching-school-classWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Businesses need to be tech-savvy to survive in most modern markets. Though this doesn’t mean every worker must return to school to delve deep into computer science, obtaining a background in tech unlocks opportunities to which most entrepreneurs lack access. It is becoming ever-more difficult to build a business that has a hope of success without having some proficiency in tech.

As a result, advanced degree programs like technology leadership are becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs who hope to break into the ever-expanding tech industry. The field of tech leadership is broad, which means there are near-unlimited applications of the knowledge and skills gained through the degree’s courses. For these reasons and more, entrepreneurs are flocking to tech leadership programs.

About the Technology Leadership Field

Contrary to the belief that tech leadership has an emphasis on tech, the truth is there are hundreds of other fields that teach students how to create, operate, and maintain technology. In fact, so many young people are seeking education in these tech fields that businesses are becoming overrun with highly skilled tech workers and no one prepared to oversee their work.

Filling that need, tech leadership focuses on teaching students how to manage and direct tech workers. Technical workers tend to have unique wants and needs, and typical management styles generally fail to address the concerns and requests of these peculiar employees. Though it may seem like a stereotype, tech-related departments are generally less communicative, more obsessive, and more insular than other sectors of a business, like sales or marketing. Leaders of these departments must be equipped with a certain set of skills, which technology leadership programs are designed to provide.

Entrepreneurs form nearly a million tech-based startups every year, and the rest rely heavily on technology to organize business practices and market to consumers. Therefore, it behooves entrepreneurs to have a foundation in tech leadership to ensure they are providing their future workforce with the best possible direction.

Areas of Application

why-tech-leadership-degree-programs-are-heating-up-office-workers-coworkTech workers are not one-size-fits-all; technology is exceedingly diverse, and there are specialized workers to help create all aspects of the increasingly wide range of tech. It follows, then, that tech leaders should be equally specialized. Here are a few of the most popular tech leadership specialties:

  • Education. EdTech is a fascinating new sector in the tech industry, and schools of all sizes and levels are eager to adopt new tech tools to help students and teachers excel. Entrepreneurs interested in moving into EdTech should look into online programs for educational tech leadership, which will prepare them with strategies for succeeding in this developing field.
  • Industrial engineering. Though industrial engineers tend to build in the physical, they rely on the digital to design and develop. Tech leaders in this field tend to oversee engineers, helping them to reduce waste through the use of technology.
  • Software development. Software development is currently one of the highest-paying tech jobs, and entrepreneurs who start software development firms stand to earn even more. However, software developers can be some of the most idiosyncratic tech workers, so knowing how to lead them effectively is mandatory.

Potential for Growth

The technology industry is primed for explosive growth in the coming years, and opportunities for tech workers are only increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer and technology industry is expected to grow about 12 percent by 2024, which is faster than the average expected job growth, adding as much as 4.4 million jobs for qualified workers. Undoubtedly, many of those openings will be for technology leaders, whom businesses will rely on to extract success from tech teams.

Still more of that growth will be produced by entrepreneurs, who will need the skills of tech leadership to achieve their own success. Modern entrepreneurs need technology to be competitive in the market, which means they need specific knowledge and experience to organize tech workers.

Technology leadership programs are appearing in universities around the country due to the desperate need of enterprises and entrepreneurs, and these degrees will undoubtedly become ever more popular as the tech industry grows. It is only sensible for ambitious entrepreneurs to take advantage of the lessons of tech leadership programs to generate their own success in the future.

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