Why Tablets Are Better For Entrepreneurs than Laptops

3 reasons why business owners choose the portability of tablet devices

As a business owner, I love my tablet for many reasons—perhaps it’s the powerful processor, the impressive large screen, or the many productivity applications to choose from—regardless, it’s pretty evident that tablets are giving laptops some pretty serious competition when it comes to the choice for business owners.

And while your business day can be conducted quite effectively from either device, tablets outweigh laptops in many ways. Specifically, here are three reasons why I believe tablets are better for entrepreneurs than laptops.

1. Consuming Media

Would you rather tuck a light-weight android tablet into your purse or slug around a heavy laptop? How about when you’re on the subway, would you rather review that PDF on a laptop awkwardly balanced on your lap or view it via an easy-to-hold tablet? I find that on a tablet, media is much easier to consume—for instance, I can walk and read on my tablet, but I can’t do the same with my laptop. Tablets offer impressive screen size and resolution to do things like watch video, listening to podcasts, reading business reports, and write and edit documents, whereas laptops need to be placed on a flat surface to consume the same media comfortably. The tablet wins over for its small, light shape and size.

2. Ally of the business traveler

Tablets are the obvious choice of mobile device among business travelers, especially those that fly. Business travelers love the fact that with a tablet public space becomes private—without the need for much area. For instance, in overcrowded terminals, on subways, or on a packed train car, you can simply launch your tablet to read a book, watch a video, or stream media. The light weight nature of a tablet also makes it easily portable to slip into a carry-on bag—whereas a laptop is bulky, needs its own carrying case, and space allotted on a plane. Basically, if the person in front of you likes his seat fully reclined, you can kiss your laptop time good bye.

3. Emailing and messaging

Take out your tablet while you’re on the go to quickly craft an email, send a Skype message, or create a short document. Even though tablets lack a physical keyboard, the screen and on-screen keyboard rivals that of your smart phone device, so a tablet is ideal for short messages and simple tasks when you’re on the go! While a tablet isn’t ideal for crafting long documents, or editing purposes due to no physical keyboard and mouse, it’s great to have over a mobile phone if you’re in a pinch.

While there have been a number of attempts to create thin laptops that marry the features of a laptop and a tablet as far as portability, screen size, physical keyboard, tablet-centric interface, and etc., there has yet to be a device that can compromise the weight of a laptop and offer the same full keyboard and processing functions. For now, the tablet offers a great solution for mobile entrepreneurs who conduct a lot of business on the go.


Leslie is a freelance writer from Houston, Texas who specializes in all things mobile and electronic. She’s a graduate of the English and Media program at the University of Texas and can often be found testing the newest apps, social networking tools, and electronic gadgets. Leslie is always open to new writing opportunities and can be reached at leslieekrick@gmail.com.

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