Why Naming Your Business Is So Important, and How You Can Make It Easy

What’s in a name? When it comes to branding, everything. Figuring out what to call your fledgling business can feel like a balancing act between conveying the soul of your business and working with what’s available for copyrights and domain names.

Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch! Using a modern, keyword-driven brand name generator like Namify is a better way to name your company. Read on for an example case that shows how you can use Namify to simplify the naming process while keeping your own creative flair intact.

Why Naming Your Business Is So Important, and How You Can Make It Easy

The Purpose of a Brand Name

Imagine you’re an entrepreneur who’s noticed that several of your friends have started complaining about how cluttered their houses are now that work and school take place at home, too. You do some additional research and decide that there’s a need for virtual home organizing services. Now, your service needs a name!

While you can enter your market segment into Namify’s keyword field and pick a name from there, you’ll be happier with the results if you do some research for your brand first. A good brand name should do more than describe what your company sells; it should evoke a feeling that you want customers to associate with your brand and communicate what type of experience clients can expect.

Will your consultancy services focus on the organizing needs of harried stay-at-home moms or busy single professionals? Your name can give customers a clue—and help them decide if they want your services, leading to greater satisfaction down the line.

How To Research Your Name

As with most marketing research efforts, you’d be wise to start by studying your competition. Compile a list of competitors’ names, big and small, and look for commonalities among them that you can borrow without plagiarizing. Since your company’s name will inform your visual branding efforts, you can also work backward by analyzing the graphic design preferences popular in market segments like yours.

You may discover that there are only a few major aesthetic styles or naming conventions within your industry. That doesn’t mean you need to go in a totally different direction; it may be a reflection of what works for customers. For instance, within the home organization market, you may notice trends like:

  • Symmetrical website and logo design
  • Predominance of light colors
  • More aspirational “after” photos than “before” photos

With this information in mind, you can start generating keywords like “calm,” “Zen,” or “refreshing,” which reflect the goals customers want to achieve by working with you. Using keywords that evoke positive feelings associated with your ability to solve your customers’ problems will help you set the right tone and stand out from the competition.

Brand Names and Domain Names

If you’re not using a service like Namify to generate names, you’ll likely experience the repeated frustration of coming up with a name that feels unique and exciting, only to discover that a similar company has already staked a claim to it online. When you enter keywords into Namify, you’ll be steered clear of names that are already in use, which will make it easier to get the right web address for your company.

Once you’ve chosen a unique name, you can accentuate it with a premium domain extension that reinforces your brand identity. For instance, compared to thecalmspace.com, thecalm.space is more in tune with the services you offer as a home organizer, and easier for your busy customers to remember.

No matter what your real dream business is, you’ll be entering a competitive market when you launch. The key to standing out isn’t just providing great service—it’s also marketing. Using a service like Namify is the first step you can take to come up with the unique identity and branding approach you’ll need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

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