Why It Might Be A Good Idea To Mother Your Employees (Occasionally)

When business people start a business, the last thing that they want to do is spend the whole time nannying their staff. They’re not there to be their mother or their father. They’re there to get on with the job and make business happen.

But given that adolescence is extended into adult life in the modern world, employers often find themselves in this position. What should they do? The following are professional ways you can show your employees that you care.

Personally Help Them And Make A Point Of It

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Many businesses know that creating a good team is about bosses and employees working together on work-related issues. But the employers who create the deepest connections with their staff are those that help out on a personal level. Suppose, for instance, that one of your employees is struggling to find a place to rent. She keeps trying to rent out a flat near to work, but she keeps getting turned down by landlords. One thing you could do could be to intervene on her behalf. You could go and speak to the landlord and explain why she’s a good candidate to rent out their flat. Often a good word from a person in a senior position is all it takes to sway their opinion. If you’re successful, your employee will never forget what you did for them. It’ll build loyalty. And the best bit? It didn’t cost a penny.

Always Relate To Employees: Never Act Like A King


Some company cultures are toxic. These are the companies where there is a divide between two or more sets of workers. We all know what it feels like, for instance, when a company has separate parking spaces for executives as it does for regular employees. It makes regular employees feel second best and resentful.

One of the ways you can deal with this is to always relate to your employees. If you can see that an employee is going through a problem, share with them your own experience and how you dealt with it. Often leaders can be put on pedestals by employees. But you can humanize yourself by connecting with them through your shared experience.

If employees struggle to come forward to talk, you can also use apps like Vetter. These apps help employees make suggestions about their work and the company. They’re also perfect for starting a

conversation that can later lead to the resolution of a problem.

Have A No Nasty Client Policy

Sometimes customers can be nasty. Most companies expect their employees to just suck it up and take it. They have this expectation because they have a culture that says that business only succeeds if it is serving the customer. But when you think about it, this isn’t entirely accurate. What about the people that work for the business? Don’t they count towards business success too? Often bad clients can cause your company to lose some of its best employees. Bad clients combined with indifference management can lead to even worse outcomes. Getting rid of bad clients means your best employees will be incentivised to find better customers with bigger returns.

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