What You May Not Know About Stainless Steel Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication is an ever-growing industry where there is the creation of metal structures and adds value addition to structures. As a manufacturing process, both human labor and automated processes are used to make metallic finished products to be used in different areas.ย  The major projects of metal fabrication include anything machinery, rail systems, and road construction with the subsequent smaller sectors including wire and spring manufacturing, nut/bolt manufacturing, and hardware manufacturing. This basic guide will help you understand a little more about the metal fabrication process.

What you may not know about stainless steel metal fabrication

Types of Metal Fabrication

The most common custom metal fabrication process include:

  • Machining:ย This process refers to the shaping of metal by removing the unwanted materials from it. The process may include different machinings like drilling, milling, and turning.ย 
  • Turning: A lathe is used to rotate the metal while cutting in a linear motion to remove metallic materials from the diameter, creating a cylindrical shape.
  • Drilling: A drilling machine is pressed firmly onto the material to create a circular hole.
  • Milling: Often a secondary/finishing process, the material is fed onto the machinery where itโ€™s cut progressively into the desired shape.
  • Welding: By welding, two or more pieces of metal are combined by a combination of extreme pressure and heat. This is perhaps the most common method of metal fabrication as it can be molded into anything one desires.
  • Punching: Metals can be uniquely shaped by having man-made holes through them or automated if they are to be big. The turrets are hard-pressed to create holes either for fastening or for the design called blanking.
  • Cutting: As one of the common processes, the metalwork is split into smaller sections. There are different methods of cutting where the oldest process was sawing, the modern includes power scissors, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting.
  • Casting: This type of metal fabrication is required for mass production where identical products are required. The molten cast is poured into a mold and relaxed to cool for the desired shape.

Choosing the right kind of fabrication may be kind of confusing therefore, it is important to get expert advice from a company/ technician or engineer that has vast experience in the field to provide the expected end result. There are various processes to ensure the suitable fabrication for the project at hand has been crafted by the right kind of material and its intended purpose met. Metal products manufacturers such as Metal fabrication Toronto have the kind of expertise to create metal products that you may need for your projects. To help in the selection process, there are some things one needs to put into consideration;

  • Stock materials: It is important to ensure that the fabricator has the right kind of materials to be used for the product.
  • Experience: A fabricator shop that has been in the game for quite some time is able to provide quality services.
  • Resources: The size of the machinery will definitely determine the end product. The tooling capacity of a custom fabrication shop can be important in influencing the quality and capability of the end product regardless of the budget.
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