What Types of Business Should Your Charity Work With?

The company you keep is very important when you’re heading up a charity.

Charities very rarely work solo, pulling in resources and funds from all sorts of places. However, the two main sources of their income are public donations and corporate partnerships. The latter option can be key for gaining resources and raising awareness.

There are many brilliant businesses out there, but it’s also fair to mention that there are few who aren’t quite compatible when it comes to working with charities. Moreover, there are many tells that can help you decide whether your charity should work with a company or not.

Therefore, below you’ll find a quick rundown of the types of businesses you should strive to work with.

What Types of Business Should Your Charity Work With?

Kind Businesses

Charity is all about kindness, and unfortunately there are many businesses who miss the mark on that front.

When in doubt, look to the reputation of a business. For example, Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley admitted paying staff less than minimum wage in 2016, which is a great big smear on that company’s reputation. Your charity should steer as far away from controversy and bad characters as possible, even if you’re just dealing with individual managers and employees by association. Your image needs to be squeaky clean.

Not only does a firm’s reputation need to be considered, but basic principles too. If an employer can treat their employees terribly, what makes you think they have a charitable spirit? Common sense is key here, so it’s vital that you play ball with those who are of good character.

Flexible Businesses

Flexibility is vital in any working relationship.

For some firms, everything is about ‘circling back’, ‘touching base’, and things happening ‘at the end of the day’, and they can be quite rigid and regimented in terms of how they handle… well, anything. Many of these entrepreneurs think that if something doesn’t make them money, then it doesn’t exist, so it’s important to work with firms that are a bit more flexible and open-minded.

For example, if you’re looking for IT support in Kent, you can easily find firms that tailor their services to charities exclusively. If you’re interested in that kind of optimised service, you can find out more here. Impreza understand all the pressures your charity will face, and they adapt their processes accordingly to support you at every juncture. They understand your sector, and fast resolutions are their bread and butter. Ultimately, this kind of natural synergy and ease in the working relationship is key!

Social Businesses

Charities rely on exposure to get donations. Getting exposure these days can largely be done by using social media. Simple, right?

Well, the advantages of social media are unfortunately lost on many businesses. It was only in 2018 that BBC News published an article which detailed numerous reasons why firms were bad at handling their social media pages and presence. Among the causes were being spread too thin across too many channels, poor customer service, and taking their brand too seriously to the point of barely posting online. Frankly, none of this is good for your charity. You need to work with the businesses who have a handle on their social media presence. Frequent activity, generous endorsements, positive customer engagement – these are all the kinds of hallmark traits you should be on the lookout for here. If a business has all of this down, a constructive and flowing dialogue around your charity can be formed for all to see, boosting awareness of your organisation.

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