What Is the Best Approach to Fight Human Trafficking?

In December 2019, The National Human Trafficking Hotline received numerous calls from the state of California, U.S. Those calls were specifically regarding crimes of abduction, human exploitation, and slavery.

Texas and Florida gained momentum in such heinous crimes with the illegal drug market flourishing in Mexico. The only question that ruled the minds of the Federal Bureau of Investigation was how to fight human trafficking.

The research and investigation suggest the trafficking of minors and women is majorly from Mexico and the Philippines. Every year, about 40,000 to 100,000 people had an illegal entry into the U.S for thralldom activities. More than 60% of the human trafficking cases in the U.S had a link to illegal commercial sex trades.

Following is the best approach to fight this menace.

What Is the Best Approach to Fight Human Trafficking?

Acknowledge the Issue and Spread the Awareness

Most of the cases in Latin America and the Caribbean were unregistered in the last decade. And the brutality continued to create menace in the society. The average age of teenagers exploited is either 13 years or 15 years. Many such cases refer to either abduction for child labor or the sex trade.

The only solution to such issues is, acknowledge the case and report it immediately to fight human trafficking. Many NGOs and fund-raising institutes help the Crime Bureaus to investigate the case and support the victim. Once there is awareness among people, many few youngsters and women will escape from falling for such cruelty.

Establish and Support Organizations That Love to Volunteer

Many organizations have set up their institutes to volunteer for the investigation process. These institutes not just help the CIA, and NSA officers, and agents to catch hold of the culprits, but also co-operate in giving new life to the victims. Statistics confirm, 80% of the enslaved victims comprise of women and children, while 20% consists of men.

These organizations hire uniquely qualified and trained individuals who have previously worked with Law enforcement agencies. They provide valuable assistance in the fight against human trafficking and leverage technology to grab the perpetrators.

Register Complaints on Consumption of Illegal Drugs

It may be unnoticeable at first, but if there is a crowd hanging around in the corners of the city and consuming drugs, you must notify the nearest police department. This will not just curb the offenses but will also help in restricting other teenagers from getting involved in such rackets.

Prohibition and investigation must begin at home. If you come across anybody who is dubious in actions, you must keep a watch on him and report it immediately. Most of the traffickers are drug-lords who drag innocent children and women into slavery and exploit them.

Check for Money Laundering Activities

Every individual has sources through which one gains knowledge about the activities in the society. Money laundering is such illicit activity that is carried out on a large scale to fund human trafficking crimes. Human trafficking earns approximately $150 billion globally and out of which $100 billion comes from sexual exploitation. 

Many renowned NGOs and institutes help in targeting such criminal activities. You must contact these institutes and give out details that you came across. The rest will be taken care of by them and the police force. The only hindrance surfaces in the successful investigation are the case that goes unreported.

The U.S Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act in the year 2000. It specifies 3 Ps- Punish traffickers, Protect victims, and Prevent the issue. This is the right approach to all the criminal activities as well. Be a vigilant citizen and help in eradicating the filth from society.

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