What Are The Core Principles Of Premises Security?

Securing a commercial premises is an understandable goal, to say the least. Offices are often stocked with high-quality industry tools, tech equipment, and of course, the continual movement of capable professionals day in and out. As such, security is more than just locking everything away, but a consistent, dynamic, lived experience that must be ensured lest problems occur.

In order to understand our security needs, we must understand what the threats to possible safety are. So for instance – a security measure often means ensuring the building has enough fire doors that open from the inside so your staff can evacuate without obstacle, without letting people in from the outside unless they have the key – forcing guests or trespassers to have to go through your official, monitored entrances in order to make themselves known.

Let’s consider some of the core principles of premises security so those renting or owning a space for the first time will ensure every single one of their staff members is protected, just as they deserve to be:

Access Provided To Trusted Individuals

Access needs to be provided to individuals you can trust, that much is clear. Making certain that the head of your maintenance staff, the financial officer, your HR department or your loading staff can open up the premises when needed, and can do so with verified entry and a disabling of the tripped alarm code is key. Verifying these individuals and vetting them is also essential, as is accountability provided through secondary measures like CCTV to monitor actions. On top of that, making sure the actual locks are robust and maintained enough, such as with commercial lock repair services, can save you a great deal of time on top of that. It’s not hard to see the profound benefit here, as far as that goes.


As alluded to above, being able to observe the operational wellbeing at all levels of your premises can be a healthy means of ensuring everything is cared for – be that using CCTV to see the incorrectly stacked loads in your warehouse, ensuring reports are filed for maintenance issues and digitized correctly, or sometimes, obscuring observation such as providing private meeting space to those raising a complaint with HR, an essential part of staff wellbeing and security, is key. Investment in all of these areas is a worthwhile use of your time.

Emergency Responses

Ultimately, problems can be prevented, but that doesn’t mean one of those snakey little issues won’t make their way into your immediate attention, be that a fire, a leak, or an unsafe practice leading to operator danger. An emergency response, such as by using contractors that can attend your premises immediately, perhaps unsticking the elevator and letting your staff or guests out, coordinating off and replacing that office glass pane in the most structurally safe manner, or ensuring your fire safety system immediately alerts the fire department can be a good way to go about things.

With this advice, we hope you can implement the core principles of premises security in the most preventative or recuperative manner.

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