Ways Businesses Can Improve Customer Phone Service

While many businesses have become reliant on offering live chat, social media support, and a host of other different customer service options, many people still prefer to speak to somebody over the phone. If you continue offering this service, make sure you do so in a way that is professional and appealing.

Ways Businesses Can Improve Customer Phone Service

Offer an Accessible Phone Number

Some customers are open to speaking via WhatsApp, Facetime, or similar service, but toll free numbers have been a mainstay for companies of all sizes for decades but their technology has improved, along with their cost structures. This means that you do not have to charge your customers for getting in touch with you obviously going to be positive for them. .

Make Phone Calls Efficient

Many companies are put off using the phone as a primary customer service tool since it is not considered to be an efficient of option. Therefore, do everything that you can to alter this trend by making phone calls to sustain efficiency without sacrificing friendliness and empathy. It can be a difficult balancing act to get right, but to the payoff for those who do it well can be longstanding.

Reduce Time on Hold

Another one of the top reasons why customer avoid the phone is they can be kept on hold for lengthy time periods. One method that companies are using is to offer an automated message telling people that other customer service options are available. Getting the hold music right can also be a major plus point. At the end of every month, it is worth checking to see how long your customers have spent on hold. This way, you can work to cut down this time in any way that you can. Another option is to create a call-back service that enables customers to remain in the queue without restricting their activity.

Reinforce Commitment to Phone-based Customer Service

Many customers feel they are not as valued when calling a contact center rather than another method. You can reinforce your commitment to telephone customer service on the phone by offering a wide range of services in a professional manner. Continuing to offer customer service on the phone is pointless and expensive unless you do so in a way that is both professional and useful. These are some of the ways that you can put the phone at the forefront of your business plans once again.

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