Watch Out For Moisture Damage In Your Business!

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There’s a lot of issues you need to tackle when running a business. Your top priorities will likely lie with raising your profits and keeping employees happy. But you should also consider how to take care of your business building. Many issues can develop in your work premises, one of which is excess moisture.

Moisture accumulates from water vapor in the air. It can often come from things like kettles and showers, but the weather can also cause it. In the summer, humidity can often bring moisture indoors. In the winter, condensation can cause excess moisture within buildings. It can cause many problems throughout your workplace. Here are some of the reasons you should prevent moisture damage.

It Can Make Your Employees Ill

You might not realize that allowing moisture and humidity to build up can be a health and safety risk. It often results in mold and mildew crawling up the walls of your building. These growths give off spores which can cause problems such as infections, nasal congestion, and coughing. It can also cause allergic reactions and exacerbate respiratory issues like asthma.

It’s crucial that you prevent it to for the sake of employee health. If workers are becoming sick due to your premises, they might have to take time off. What’s more, if it causes serious problems, your business can even be sued.

Adding ventilation can help reduce the amount of moisture that develops in your building. Opening windows can contribute to tackling moisture. But that may not be so practical in winter, so you might want a dehumidifier for your workplace.

It Can Affect Equipment And Products

Excess moisture can also damage various items around your business. If too much moisture develops in the air, it can often cause dampness to books and papers. It can be disastrous if it damages important documents.

It can also cause many problems in manufacturing plants. Rust and fungus on machinery can develop due to excess moisture. It can result in machines developing serious faults which can be hard to fix. It might also cause damage to products, especially food-based ones. It helps to have moisture sensors to make sure levels are kept low.

If you find your building developing humidity and moisture problems, make sure you keep goods and equipment safe. High moisture areas can cause rust to metal objects and make dried foods go stale. Catering businesses need to be especially careful. Mold and mildew on the walls will put off customers and health inspectors will take action.

It Can Damage Your Building

The problems caused by excess moisture can be highly damaging to your commercial property. Mold and mildew on walls can be hard to get rid of- especially if it’s left over a long time. If moisture grows deep into the walls, it can cause further structural damage.

It can also attract insects and vermin, which will further damage your property. While insurance can protect you against some damage, it’s better to tackle a moisture problem before it develops.

It’s important that you remove mold and mildew before it becomes damaging. But you should also take steps to ensure it doesn’t come back. Things like increased ventilation and reducing water usage in your workplace can help. You should also look out for causes such as water leaks.

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  1. Excellent points, there is one you may have missed. I see you mentioned that opening windows for ventilation could solve problems with excess moisture accumulation. However, if you plan on opening windows, it may increase the humidity in the building. If you have air conditioning going at the same time, this could create hidden condensate, which could contribute to mold build-up.
    Aaron C´s last blog post ..How do I fix water problems in my crawl space that are coming from the outside?

  2. You may try to get rid of the mold and mildew by power washing. It’s effective!

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