Visa Guide: How To Get a UK Visa in the USA?

Visa is one of the questionable and challenging aspects involved in the abroad traveling process. The challenges are tenfold when you are not aware of the thorough process behind it.

In this context, many people think obtaining a UK visa from the United States is a struggling journey. But you see a different zone when waking up to the realities. Green card holders are often required to obtain a visa when traveling to the UK (based on the purpose of travel, citizenship status, and country you reside in).

For everyone’s ease, the government of the UK has established a predefined protocol containing different sorts of visas fitting every travelers’ convenience. Still, many people juggle with the questions like ‘Do I need a UK visa to travel there?’

Well, if you are a permanent US citizen, you may not require a visa to enter the UK. Here, the only condition is you should be traveling for travel or business purposes and visiting with a plan of six months or so. For other aspects, you will require a UK visa for sure.

What are the criteria to apply for the same?

Obtaining a UK visa while staying in the United States is no more a hassle. All you need is to follow these steps –

  1. Explore the different types of UK visas available and figure out your fall under which category.
  2. Apply for the online UK visa application form, fill and submit the same.
  3. Provide biometric information.

Go for the visa application interview and wait for your visa to arrive at your doorstep.

Find some more details here –

#1 – Wind up the online application process – After determining the type of visa you require to enter the UK, your next step should be to apply for the online application. Ensure you remain honest throughout the process of entering details about yourself as it concerns further verification. Minor negligence or twisting the truth at this stage may cancel your visa application for a lifetime. Also, ensure if your documents are well-aligned with the required process or not.

#2 – Be ready with the documents – Once you are done with your online application submission, compile all your documents in one file. Some of the most common documents include – UK visa photographs, UK visa application form print, your valid passport, proof of your US residency, employment letter (if any), letter of invitation from the UK (if any), and much more. If you are clueless if you have compiled the right list of documents or not, it’s good to seek UK visa advice in USA before you commit any blunder. Moving on further, you should book an appointment to record your biometric details with the concerned authorities. During this process, you are likely to provide your digital fingerprint scan and other required details. This is all a part of the verification process.

The final line – Visa or immigration-related operations require patience and following a set of steps. There are a series of factors that should be taken into consideration, especially when you are new to applying for a visa application. Before beginning the process, it’s wise to remain ready with each document required to push the process further.

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