What is a Virtual Office, and What Can it do for Your Business?

Over 100 million business are launched annually, all around the world. That’s a staggering figure. Unfortunately, not all of them are going to make it. In fact, between 35 to 55 % of startups tend to fail. But that doesn’t mean that yours will. In fact, there are a few things that you can to do to ensure that your company has every chance in the world of succeeding. And one of those things is getting yourself a virtual office.

What Exactly is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a beautiful marketing tool. Essentially, it is a physical address, phone number, receptionist, and everything that gives the impression of having a sleek, modern, executive office space, without forking over thousands of dollars a week in rent money. For example, Servcorp is a leading provider of virtual office space.


Why a Virtual Office?

Imagine you’re trying to snare that big client. The one that’s going to make, or break, your company. The one that could turn your annual revenue into your monthly, or weekly, revenue. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? You prepare a sales deck, a winning pitch or a beautiful flier. You hire a graphic designer to give your pitch some extra polish. And on your contact details it lists your home address, and your mobile number. Imagine that client then choosing your firm over one with a prestigious, inner-city address and landline. Now imagine if you could have avoided that by giving the impression of a vast office space, with polished floors and espresso machines, but for a fraction of the cost. Presto, you have a virtual office. A virtual office provides that prestigious address and that landline and that wonderful impression.

Also, let’s say you’re going after some business in another city, another state, or even another country. While telecommuting and remote work is becoming more appealing, there are still businesses that balk when faced with the prospect of navigating different time zones, or spending money sending people on travel trips. A virtual office negates this problem. Based in California, but need to operate in Kentucky for a short, three-month contract? No problem.


The cellphone problem

Let’s face it. If you’re a startup, chances are it’s you and maybe a few others doing all the hard yards. You may even be operating from a laptop computer and your mobile phone. Imagine a potential client or customer calls while you’re already on the phone. Chances are they’re too busy to leave a voicemail, and may even just hang up and proceed to the next result on Google. A virtual office gives you a real receptionist, who can take their name, number and message and ensures that you don’t miss that golden opportunity.


What about meetings?

Okay, let’s talk about meetings. Say that big fish client wants to sit down and talk turkey, and you’re still operating out of your living room. Negotiating a contract might not work well with your roommate sitting next to you, watching Netflix. A virtual office gives you access to modern, high-tech meeting rooms with all the bells and whistles of a dedicated office space, but again, without the exorbitant costs associated.


Let’s sum it up

So, if you’re a new startup and you’re looking to make a splash – impressions are everything. A virtual office gives you all the appearances of a corporate office space, without the huge rent bill. You can access modern meeting spaces, have a receptionist, list an impressive inner-city address on your collateral, and make those first impressions that last. Ultimately, you will grow your business.

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