Vacationing Overseas With Your Children

If you are like Michael Canzian and his family, you know how important it is to enjoy time together, especially after long hours of running your business. One way to do this is taking a vacation to another country. Taking a trip overseas is an adventure, especially when you have small children. Here are some tips to make your trip enjoyable for everyone. 

Prepare for a Long Flight

Flying across an ocean means hours of traveling in a plane. No matter which direction your head, plan for a lot of downtime. Kids all react differently on planes. Some enjoy the vibrations and movement and may sleep and relax, while others quickly get claustrophobic and need many distractions to keep them entertained. Plan for any combination of scenarios. Pack their favorite blankets and stuffed animals, along with some new toys, coloring books and travel-sized games. Planes aren’t always set up to provide enough food for kids, so bring along many of their favorite snacks and a few extra special treats. 

Vacationing Overseas With Your Children

Experience Local Culture

Spending time in another country is an experience your children will always remember. Make the most of the time you are there by immersing yourself in the local community. Travelers like Michael Canzian suggests trying different foods and allowing yourself to soak up the culture. As a family, explore both popular and lesser-known attractions and teach your children how to say “hello” in the local language. If you are visiting family in the area, take this time to expose your kids to a day in their life. Show them where they work, where relatives go to or went to school, and give them a chance to see how life is different than their own. This is a great way to demonstrate the family history and teach your children about the culture they come from. 

Make Sleep and Food a Priority

When you travel to a location that is hours off the time zone you are accustomed to, it takes days to adjust. If your trip is only for a week or less, your children never have time to adjust to the difference. This means eating snacks and meals at different times that locals or family you are visiting. The same goes for sleep. If your child is down and out by three in the afternoon, be prepared to accommodate them. Take this time to get some rest, too, because they may be up long before the sun. Plan your trip with a lot of flexibility. Stopping to eat and rest when it’s best for your children keeps everyone in a better mood.

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  1. Nice article! Whenever I’m travelling overseas, I make sure that we have enough food and double-check our clothes.

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