Top 4 Best Client Portal Services

Client portal software acts as an interface between your organization and its customer base. The platforms can provide great file management and communication via the internet. Many businesses are now using client portal systems to streamline the experiences of their clients and improve their operational efficiency.

Commercial firms can leverage online portals to provide effective communication channels between their organization and its clientele. At the same time, small businesses also find these tools to be useful for their everyday operations,

While there are several client portals to choose from, here are the top 4 best portal service brands that are popular in the market today.

Top 4 Best Client Portal Services

1. Clinked

Thousands of businesses use the Clinked client portal software to increase their efficiency and boost communication between their teams and clients. Clinked is a cloud-based intranet that allows you to create mini-intranets to manage your files, chats, calendars, and other accounting stuff in one place

You can have various levels of authorization for users such as admins and viewers. With the Clinked client portal, you can unlock a ton of useful features ranging from project management, secure file sharing, and G-suite integration.

The software also offers you additional functionality and allows full customization, making it easy to brand your business for a competitive price.

2. Accelo

Accelo encompasses a 24/7 client portal interface supporting document-sharing, billing features, and content management. Transparency is guaranteed, which means you can provide your clients with access to their accounts and empower them with self-service tools.

Streamline your work with Accelo, and render on-demand services to your valuable customers. Accelo’s client portal is readily customizable, and it’s one of the best tools for an organization in industries such as marketing, accounting, information technology, business relations, and consulting.

3. Zendesk

Similar to Clinked, Zendesk is a cloud-oriented client portal solution for businesses. Consider using this software to offer your customers self-service tools — all on one platform. Zendesk supports ticketing alongside live chat and messaging. Their Connect system can help you solve your customer issues once and for all.

Each product from Zendesk comes with unique features and pricing models. Their two major pricing plans are Zendesk Professional and Enterprise, with Zendesk Suite also guaranteeing you chat and talk features.

Get Zendesk Professional starting at $89 per month — Enterprise also goes for $149 per agent per month. NB: These prices apply to users who choose to be billed annually.

4. Huddle

Huddle’s client portal software allows you to create aesthetically pleasing shared spaces. This solution is recommended for business organizations focusing on strengthening cooperation between their teams, partners, and groups. The portal provides an effective platform for you to manage your documents, grant approvals, hold discussions, and make revisions in one user-friendly interface.

Examples of popular industries using Huddle include marketing and media, logistics and transport, construction engineering, and government and accountancy. Are you looking for seamless remote working solutions on mobile devices? Huddle could be the real deal here. Ask for a quote today and learn more about their portal services.

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