Things to Do Before Moving Your Office to a New Location

Things to Do Before Moving Your Office to a New Location
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If you are moving your office as a part of your business expansion spree, a new program, or customer reach, then it is a whole lot of hard work, time, and challenges. It doesn’t matter if your business is small or big; the effort that is required is very much the same. If it offers you scope for development or more power of your brand and atmosphere, then accommodating in a new space is an amazing idea. But it also means you have large furniture, heavy appliances that are hard to carry, and piles of documents worth several rooms to get packed up. It is also impossible to close down your business for some time and work everything out.

At first, your staff would find it thrilling to do new things and have a fresh, brand new work environment. Likewise, you would feel good about everyone functioning and flourishing in a beautifully modern, ideally structured office for your business. Still, the real deal of fear starts when the packing, arranging and moving, begin. Do not worry because it can be broken down into a set of simple tasks.

Using the mentioned tips and tricks for workplace relocation would make the moving a bit smoother and help you through the whole cycle of moving a workplace, from preparation and decluttering. We are here to assist you. We have put together a guide to things to do before moving your office to a new location.


Before anything, the most significant step is to plan your move early. Create a to-do list with a description of your essentials, listing those who are concerned, necessary items that are needed, and set deadlines to keep everything organized.

You should also direct your managers to create a workflow plan so that your business would not face any loss while you are moving the office. If you have large and heavy equipment, then consulting the companies that deal with self storage in Leesburg would be a good idea. Start sorting the important documents like police reports, contracts, and agreements in the next phase.


Tell your employees everything about the move and inquire about their requirements, needs, and ask for their feedback. Now, it is time to get the staff on board and work together. You can divide the work, but hiring a manager for the moving task is a better idea as it is always crucial to have a dedicated person who will coordinate and track each phase and make sure things are moving along.

Encourage the staff to pack their essentials at the time so that there won’t be a mess at the last minute.


Make sure that you update your customers about the relocation and upgrade your address too. Contact your local partners, related companies, vendors, and tell them about the new contact details, moving dates, and discuss the project’s workflow to keep them on board as well. It is easier to start upgrading paperwork earlier than later for your new address, so put your orders for new business cards, letterheads, and envelopes right when you know your new address.


Keeping your budget in your mind, create a list for all the things you need in the moving process and new equipment. Also, get rid of the non-essentials, because they would only occupy space and won’t do any good. Go to the new location and analyze the space. Have some time to look closely at products and labeling them with throw-away stickers. If you are short on budget, then you can clear bulky things like tables and chairs, by scheduling a sale at an office warehouse.


If you think you need an extra hand and everything is getting messier, then we suggest you appoint an external moving company. Do your research on every moving company which suits your budget and works in your area. At least get the quotes from three firms and then decide. And what if the movers do not clean up after? Then you need a cleaning service as well. Make sure to consider how much manpower is needed in moving your office before setting the date.


Visit the new office place and note the measurements. Then analyze if your new site needs decorating, flooring; think where to put the furniture and other stuff. After you have the details, then plan the number and position of ethernet links, power ports, and plants. So that settling in won’t take up much time.


As the company owner, you must ensure that all network facilities, like the Internet, telecommunications, and utilities, are sufficiently equipped and in reasonable working order. Service providers should build all electrical and transmission lines and thoroughly check at least one week before the date of relocation to guarantee that it is ready on time.


Ask your new building manager about the security, parking, and maintenance facilities. If they do not have these, then you have to hire your security service, parking area, or building management service. All these would require time, so it is better to figure all these out on an early basis.


After all the above tasks are done, ask your employees to label the boxes and sort them out by numbers, locations, or type. It will save you a ton of time settling in your new location. Let the IT department handle the technical stuff. Follow the list of the necessary items and pack the stuff.


Now you are done with everything, so move things to the new location and start unpacking, arranging the furniture. You might want to get ideas on redecorating the place. Inform your suppliers and clients. Give a day off to your employees and appreciate all their hard work and effort. Throw a small party and enjoy the vibe of the new workplace.


It takes a lot of hassle to move to a new workplace, but you will be doing it all for a positive cause. Plan things early so that you can keep yourself far forward and hire a manager for this task as soon as possible. Keep rolling the moving process; we believe now you can do a great job.

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