The Future of Google Fiber

Recently, Google announced its latest plans to place Google Fiber Internet in certain areas in the state of Utah. This is the third area that the search giant has chosen for its online rollout plan. Aside from that, it is also in the middle of improving the area’s present fiber network to make it viable for the insanely high Internet speed that Google is bringing.

With the relatively new condition of gigabit Internet along with its limited rollout thus far, people may not know what Google Fiber really is and what it really means for consumers.

A Breakthrough Service

Google Fiber is an Internet service that is provided by Google itself. It has plans that range from a blistering fast one Gbps to a nimble five Mbps. Similar to Verizon Fios, it also provides television channels for subscribers.

However, the main difference is that it provides this service for an extra monthly charge. Although this is a drawback, it allows people to theoretically download a full 1080p movie in just a single minute.

Of course, an individual will most likely not experience the full capacity of the Gbps’s speed because of connection loss. Still, the speeds available are incredibly impressive.

Current Updates

Currently, Kansas and Missouri are the only states in the U.S. that have Google Fiber up and running. Provo, UT, and Austin, TX, are officially on the list to get this service in the near future.

However, other ISPs are trying to put a serious dent in Google Fiber through the release of their own Gigabit networks in a number of competing cities. People who are wondering why Google Fiber is not available everywhere should know that it mostly has to do with their area’s Internet network infrastructure. Only a handful of cities in the United States are currently wired up for fiber optics. It also means that there are only so many places that they can get Google Fiber or any other type of gigabit Internet service. For example, Verizon Fios Internet service is currently available in a number of cities.

Those cities are equipped with the vital infrastructure needed to gain access to gigabit Internet speeds. In order for an ISP such as Verizon or Google to provide residents with gigabit Internet access, the entire infrastructure has to be upgraded.

What Plans Are Available?

Google currently offers three plans. This includes five Mbps Internet for free, one Gbps Internet for $70 per month and one Gbps Internet with TV for only $120 per month. Aside from that, construction fees vary depending on the subscriber’s location.

Provo residents only have to pay $30 while a Kansas City resident will have to pay $300 to gain access. The five Mbps service is pretty interesting. Although it is a basic subscription service, it is the kind of DSL service that the majority of ISPs charge $40 per month and sometimes even more for depending on the subscriber’s location.


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Google also made a promise that it will raise the price of its five Mbps plans within five years. The faster plan has a number of perks as well. This includes one TB of Google storage along with a one TB DVR recorder. This DVR also has the capability to record up to a maximum of eight live TV shows all at once.

The Future of Google Fiber

If done selectively, Google has the capability to deliver a very modest standalone return aside from providing positive benefits for Google’s overall business. This is done by promoting accessibility and faster speeds. At the same time, an analyst at Goldman Sachs made a prediction that Google can reach 830,000 homes at a total cost of $1.25 billion every year.

Although this initiative is still in its early days, going directly to consumers with video distribution and Internet connectivity could give Google the edge in becoming the most popular Internet end user channel for media consumption.

Faster speeds also enable Google to innovate much more quickly and make better products that can provide quicker broadband speeds. At the same time, the need for high bandwidth connection is steadily increasing. Because of this, the future is very bright for Google Fiber.

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