The Colour of Money: Open-Plan Office Design Ideas for Your Business

It can be an expensive venture opening your own business. You have so many things to think about, like where you are going find your employees, where you are going to advertise your business, but most importantly, what your businesses building is going to look like. If you are looking to save money on your office, you should consider investing in an open-plan office. Here are some of the main reasons why.

What is an open-plan office?

Instead of housing your employees in small cubicles and small rooms in your office, an open-plan space can give your workers the opportunities to work in a larger space. The space can be filled with tables, chairs, relaxation spots and even meeting rooms that are cornered off with glass walls. That way your employees can still have their privacy and work without the office becoming too loud.

Cost-Effective Spaces

Purchasing an office space can be pricey in its own right. That’s why you will love how an open-plan office can cut down on your construction costs. By hiring the right interior designer, like Maris Interiors, you can create an effective workspace that cuts down on building costs (for instance, by building walls and planning rooms) and instead focus on the space you have. To utilise it to its fullest, try to make sure that you can give your employees enough space to breath and enjoy their work space. They don’t want to feel like someone is breathing down their neck 24/7. An open-plan office is also a great way to cut down on heating and water bills.

Planning for your open-plan office space

One of the main things that you need to consider is the space you will give to your employees. It’s time for you to be creative and give your workers different areas of the room that they can relax in. If you think you have a quirky and young brand, why not show this through the office space? Invest in some brightly coloured tables and chairs and make sure to spread them around evenly. If you feel like your office needs a more serious tone to it, then wooden tables and comfortable chairs will add a sense of professionalism to your environment. You can then allow your workers to personalise their own space.

Open Space, Open Windows

Happy employees are the sort of people who are treated fairly and do not feel like they are trapped in a cage. Instead, if you want to invest in an open-plan office, make sure that the space has a lot of windows. This will give them the sunlight and fresh air that they need to carry on with their work. It will also help them feel less stressed, even during intensive periods.

Relaxation Spaces

You cannot forget about adding a “Zen Space” to your open plan office. Your workers need a place to chill out. Add some comfy seats, book shelves, arcade games and maybe even a napping zone and you will find that your employees will feel right at home at their job.

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