The Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable, or green, energy sources are a major topic of interest these days. These sources include wind, solar, hydropower, geothermal (heat from the earth), biomass (energy from plants) and biogas (energy from gasses from landfills and wastewater treatment), and they offer a wide variety of benefits to the communities that embrace them.

The Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources

Environmental Friendliness

Renewable energy sources are lower in pollutants and greenhouse gases than the standard fossil fuels, the use ofwhich can emit a whole range of toxins from mercury to carbon dioxide. Green energy sources are, therefore, better for the environment and less likely to add to the problem of rising temperatures, smog and water pollution. They are also less likely to contribute to human health problems, especially respiratory issues but also cardiac troubles and even cancer.


It is never good to put all your eggs in one basket, and this old saying can apply to energy sources, too. Renewable energy sources allow for diversification of the energy supply. While some energy still comes from the traditional fossil fuels, companies like Verde Energy also draw on wind or solar or other green sources to tap into a broader range of energyoptions. Sometimes these new options even allow for energy access in places that have not had it before, like remote areas and even islands. Further, such sources reduce dependence on foreign fossil fuels and help avoid the instability that can arise from conflicts, rising prices and trade disruptions.


The sun, the wind, the rivers and the heat from the earth will always be around, but fossil fuels will likely run short some day. Tapping in more permanent sources of power just makes sense. The addition of renewable sources also allows for the conservation of fossil fuels, making them last longer, too.

Lower Costs

Renewable energy sources often cost less than fossil fuels. Energy production using green sources usually requires less maintenance, and it can be done with lower operating expenses than the standard production methods. Drawing part of your energy from the sun and the wind, for instance, can help you cut back on your energy bills and perhaps save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time.

Economic Growth

The development of renewable energy sources can stimulate the economy in regions that are working toward the transition to these new power options. The manufacture of materials to take advantage of green energy sources and the installation of power plants that rely on these new options have created and are still creating thousands of jobs, many of which actually pay more than the average salary. Further, businesses and manufacturers that save on their energy bills can invest that money into employment and expansion, creating even more jobs and helping the economy flourish.

Less Waste

Renewable energy sources in the biomass and biogas categories can actually make use of organic matter and waste products to create energy. This can at least begin to reduce waste that might otherwise end up in landfills and provide a constructive use for waste that is already there.

Indeed, renewable energy sources provide many benefits that can contribute to the prosperity of communities, the stability of the energy supply and the health of the environment.

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