Taking Your Brand from Your Website to the Street – How to Keep Design Consistent When Promoting Your Brand in ‘Real Life’

There are lots of strong reasons to consider marketing in the ‘real life’ world as well as online. It can give you a new way to learn about the audience you are targeting, through talking to them directly, and can allow you to cut through all of the competing messages they see on their computers and smartphones every day and receive their true attention.

There are lots of ways to start marketing your business in the face to face world, from things like industry events and exhibitions, through to simply talking to people on the street or in shopping centres. What is important, however, whenever you are engaging with people as your business, is to keep design consistent with what you already have online.

More than Just a Colour Scheme and a Logo

It can be easy to make sure that you are using an exhibition stand in the right colours (you can have a custom one designed and made by finesse-exhibitions.co.uk, for example), and have your promotional staff wearing uniforms, t-shirts, caps or whatever else you want bearing your logo and colours.

However, this is not all that makes up your brand. How your people communicate, for example, can be important. If you have a very exclusive, high end brand with luxury at its core, you will want your promotional people to represent this with the way they speak to people and the way they look. With a young, fresh, funky brand, you would not communicate in the same way as with a brand that is extremely formal and professional. Look at the language you use on your site and what you believe your brand ‘feels’ like, and brief your marketers about this. You can come up with greetings or phrases they can use that fit your chosen tone.

Brand Prominence

In anything you do when meeting potential customers face to face, you want the brand to be prominent. This can be easier to do when you have something like a stand or marketers with uniform than at things like conferences and networking events when your people are likely to be in normal business attire. Have branded business cards, and accessories like lanyards they can wear and folders they can carry. Make sure that when they are talking to people, those people can always see the branding.

Handouts and Gifts

If you plan to give people anything after they speak to you, whether it is brochures and cards or some more substantial merchandise, make sure it is heavily branded in a way that is consistent with your current website. Never take a chance to get rid of old merchandise with old branding on it when you are reaching out to new people.

Keeping branding consistent with what you have online when you market in the real life world is very important, but when you get it right, it can have a massive impact on how people recognise and react to your brand.

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