Streamlining The Customer Service Process: Tips for Start-Up Leaders

Managing customer service is something that founders of a start-up often struggle with. They’re likely to make key mistakes when trying to do it effectively to reduce the complexity or expense of customer services departments.

To avoid this situation, here are 6 tips for start-up leaders to use.

Use a Streamlined CRM

A CRM should be cloud-based and provide ways to keep all customer communications in a single place. Many of these types of solutions are overly complex and confuse start-ups that need something they can use immediately.

The Horizon Contact cloud-based CRM from Gamma is designed to address these concerns. It provides instant scalability to manage between two seats up to an impressive 500 of them to scale as needed. Due to the use of WebRTC technologies, it’s possible to let staff consistently communicate with customers across different interfaces. It also serves to provide easier ways for customers to contact you, which will please them as well.

Avoid Adding Too Much New Software as the Business Grows

There is the temptation to add new software installations or online subscriptions as the business scales up. Business growth is difficult to manage at the best of times but trying to get bleeding edge software solutions and maintain them leads to confusion rather than improvement. A better alternative may be to hire an outbound call center service

Provide Training to Improve How Useful Software Is

Staff are better supported when they use technology solutions where they’ve received training on how to use them properly. Follow-up training on more advanced features allows staff to qualify at different levels and feel accomplished. This is far less possible when swapping from one tool to the next in a constant upgrade cycle.

Manage Software Updates to Avoid Staff Confusion

When software is updated, beware too.

The interface may have changed, confusing employees. Also, new features will likely require training. This could be releasing a video walkthrough of the new interface or about an added feature to keep staff current. Then troubleshoot with any that are still struggling with the update.

Use the CRM’s Organisational Tools to Keep Things Straight

When customer service staff resort to using pads of paper to make notes, it leaves something to be desired.

Learning to use the customer service CRM to keep track of all outstanding customer questions or complaints is necessary for managers to appreciate where things stand. Employees may be off sick the next day and managers need the overview to reassign work, as needed.

Therefore, using the CRM to remain organised rather than secondary systems, or going old school with a pen and paper, is necessary. This even applies to older customer service staff who are struggling with the technology.

Streamlining The Customer Service Process: Tips for Start-Up Leaders

Support Remote Work

It’s possible to use a CRM that allows staff to work from anywhere. Use systems that support this operational objective.

When communication platforms are situated in the cloud and customer service staff can log in from a mobile app or in a web browser, it provides far greater flexibility.

Avoid the obsession with needing to see all employees in the office to know they’re being productive. There are numerous ways to confirm how productive staff members are without having ‘eyes on’ them at all times.

For instance, with customer services, survey results from customers they’ve assisted can be compared to others working in the same team. Also, they may process calls quicker than most. Alternatively, they may troubleshoot the difficult calls that regular staff struggle to manage.

Divide Into Smaller Teams

Divide up customer queries into different categories and split customer services into smaller teams.

Doing so allows staff to acquire detailed information about repeated queries and complaints. As such, they can find new ways to resolve the problems quicker. Also, they may suggest new approaches to stop the problem from occurring based on their deep insight of the situation from discussing it with many people.

These teams can be more effective than larger customer service groups that lack focus. It also provides for team-specific goals that have both specificity and purpose, as opposed to broader, company-wide ones that lack both.

Find the Right Manager Balance

Some teams benefit from team leaders, supervisors, and managers whereas others enjoy a flatter hierarchical structure and perform better that way.

It’s likely if adopting a smaller team approach that fewer managers will be needed. Entry-level employees are likely to get up to speed sooner because of the focused approach where they don’t feel like their role covers too many different areas.

Between team members, they’re also likelier to muck in to help each other, rather than needing to frequently escalate it to a manager to resolve a query.

By working on the customer service process, how people are organised, and the tools that they use to communicate, it’s possible to avoid many of the common issues. For start-up managers, this comes as something of a relief.

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