Set and Forget – 5 Steps to Creating an Airbnb Listing That Makes You Money with Minimal Effort

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Thanks to the sharing economy, hoteliers and landlords are not the only people who can make money from providing beds for those who need them. Whether you have a whole house to spare or just a room, you can make some much-needed extra cash merely by listing it on the Airbnb platform.

However, not everyone is going to make money, and there are things you can do to boost your profits. Read on to learn the five necessary steps to creating an Airbnb listing that makes you money with minimal effort.

Make Checking in Convenient

Imagine you’re the guest: You arrive at your accommodation in a quiet residential street. It’s dark, late, and has just started raining. How do you get into the house? After completing a treasure map to find the hidden key, you finally make it inside – annoyed, exhausted, and aware that your host could’ve made it so much easier for you if they had smart locks for Airbnb.

Smart locks allow you to change codes whenever you wish, access your lock via Bluetooth, and streamline the check-in process for guests. The easier it is for someone to enter the house, the more likely they are to enjoy their stay and leave good feedback. High-quality feedback equals more profit.  

Check Out Your Competition

If you’re new to Airbnb hosting, then you might not know how to set up your listing for success. Check out your competition and find out how they do it. Pay attention to how they word their descriptions, what they offer by way of conveniences, and how they “stage” the home or room. If it’s working for them, it can work for you.

It’s important not to miss this step as there are millions of listings from which to choose, and you have to make sure yours stands out from the pack.

Listen to Your Reviewers

While not all Airbnb reviews are going to be entirely honest, it’s imperative as a host to listen to those who are leaving feedback on their stay. You may think your house or room is the best in the area, but if dozens of people beg to differ, then act.

If people complain about the lack of bath towels, then add more for the next guests. If the TV didn’t work, have it repaired or leave instructions for its use. What’s important is that you learn from your reviews and prevent them from becoming problems down the line.

Shop Smart

You might think your property’s location and design will have guests lining up for a booking, but your furniture speaks volumes as well. Furniture can help sell a home, but it can also be a deal-clincher for guests who feel at home in stylish surrounds.

Make the central living areas comfortable and luxurious and steer away from items that promote a sense of clutter. Once you take photos, the rooms will speak for themselves.

Use a Professional Cleaner

The number one complaint topic for Airbnb guests is cleanliness. If your property doesn’t look as clean as it did in the photos, get ready for some unhappy reviews. You might think that spending money on a professional cleaner is a waste, but it’s really an investment. A spic and span property will encourage five-star reviews that look promising for potential visitors in the future.

An Airbnb listing is an excellent way to make extra income, but it’s not guaranteed. Streamline your check-in process, keep your reviewers happy, and create a comfortable and clean environment. Do these things consistently, and you’ll be running all the way to the bank.

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